ZACHARY KIBBEE: Life In Low Fidelity Friday, 31 July 2020 21:30 by madseason
Zachary Kibbee - Life In Low Fidelity

Zachary Kibbee is a Los Angeles rock artist whose style combines his love for blues and classic rock with more modern elements from bands like Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Peppers who also brought a SoCal flair into the equation.

Zachary's music has been compared to artists like Arctic Monkeys and Barns Courtney. His songs have been heavily licensed for commercials including Victoria's Secret, Volkswagen, Microsoft, and Uber Eats, and for film/TV like Ray Donovan, Daredevil, Lucifer, Shameless, Just Mercy (trailer) and more. Kibbee has toured the world several times over, sharing the stage with bands like Social Distortion, CKY, Eagles of Death Metal, and more.

He is endorsed by Coffin Cases, GHS Strings, PigHog Cables, Reunion Blues Gig Bags, and Rockin' Roller Carts.

Zachary is releasing his new album, Life In Low Fidelity, today, July 31.

It is a hard-hitting, yet tender rock record that is surely a huge step forward for Kibbee musically, bringing in more modern elements to his already established gritty, bluesy style.

Life In Low Fidelity is an exploration of the nuisances and ecstasy implicit in relationships. Kibbee's combination of modern alternative rock elements combined with his authentic gritty, bluesy style and large vocal range, captivates the listener on all ten tracks.

The album includes the singles Somewhere To Put My Gold and Come Back, previously released as split, with a bonus track featuring Jessica Childress, on Bandcamp as part of their No Fees Friday.

Stream/download Life In Low Fidelity clicking on the image.

NEON COVEN: I'm The New Hit Thursday, 30 July 2020 18:30 by madseason
Neon Coven - I'm The New Hit

Neon Coven, the darkwave, alternative rock band from Los Angeles, CA, featuring Jacob Bunton (Mick Mars, Adler, Lynam) and Ace Von Johnson (LA Guns, Faster Pussycat) has released its brand new single I'm The New Hit today via New Ocean Media. The song is the second single from the band’s upcoming debut full-length album Future Postponed, following first single Blame It On The Drugs, released last July 6.

I'm The New Hit is "a direct inspiration from all the badass women in our lives. Don’t take any shit. We will always have your back, and you are loved," citing vocalist Anthony Montemarano.

Future Postponed will be released October 30. Produced by Jacob Bunton, the album features 11 tracks ranging from songs about survival and balance to emotionally charged anthems of empowerment. The songs live in the space between challenging the need for certainty and, ultimately, learning to accept uncertainty.

Check I'm The New Hit clicking on the image.

HATE DRUGS: Night I (Don't Stop) Friday, 29 May 2020 17:34 by madseason
Hate Drugs - Night I (Don't Stop)

Hate Drugs is an indie pop band from Bakersfield, CA founded in the summer of 2014 by David Caploe with the release of his self-produced EP, Rough Daze.

The remaining members - Josiah Caploe, Norman Lee, Adrian Diaz, and John Irwin IV - joined the band shortly after and released two more EPs and LPs together: Anna Grahm (2015), Beach Weekend (2016), Tsunami Soul II (2017), and Tsunami Soul I (2019).
In September 2019, the band released the 2014 EP in celebration of their 5-year anniversary.

Today, Friday, May 29, Hate Drugs are releasing their motivational new track Night I (Don't Stop).

In the turmoil that we currently call reality, Hate Drugs provides us with a helping hand to get through the dark times. Created in the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevadas, in a warm cabin within the evergreen trees, the group set out to invent a sound that culminated with the growth and perseverance of their friendship.
The song questions how strong the will to succeed is and how important our dreams are.

Stream/download Night I (Don't Stop) clicking on the image.

JOSH LAMBERT: Sanity Friday, 22 May 2020 13:59 by madseason
Josh Lambert - Sanity

Josh Lambert is a musician from the Bay Area, who isn't inhibited by genre. Pulling inspiration from all aspects of art and entertainment, including Salvador Dali, the self-produced singer-songwriter makes music that often combines the worlds of hip-hop, rock and alternative, creating a sound that will resonate with every listener.

Josh is releasing is brand new EP today, May 22. Finalized amidst being in quarantine in Los Angeles, CA, Josh thought it was aptly fitting to call his EP, Sanity, as we all come to grips with the new normal.

Sanity include the genre-bending single, On & On, an alternative rock-influenced track that expresses the struggle of heartbreak and the hopefulness in recovery. In this song, Josh combines his authentic lyrics and melancholic tone with an upbeat and catchy rhythm, making this track very engaging and relatable to the listener.

Sanity is available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

BLAKE ENGLISH: Spiders Make Great Poets Friday, 15 May 2020 12:00 by madseason
Blake English - Spiders Make Great Poets

Blake English was born and raised in Athens, Georgia, home of many musical juggernauts such as REM and The B52's. He has always been interested in honing his skills in all forms of performance art, using the instrument of his body to express his artistry. He has been heavily involved in the theatre and dance scene since he was a child.

His musical influences are David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, and My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way. He is also heavily influenced by the cinematic horror universe and all of its creatures, which come across brilliantly in each of the videos he releases.

Blake has headlined for Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation events, danced on The Ellen Show, performed at SXSW Music Festival, been featured on School'd (The Goldbergs ABC) and shared a stage with his life long mentor Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls).

Blake is releasing his debut EP, Spiders Make Great Poets, today, May 15.

Spiders Make Great Poets is a coming of age story about Blake English's journey to break down societal expectations, dealing with social pressure, and self-expression. With his haunting and intense lyrics and upbeat delivery, you can't help but bop your head to it. Blake delivers raw and angst-filled vocals about his emotional turmoil and traumatic experiences, that captivates its audience and gives them a vivid glimpse into his journey.

Blake's unique glam-punk sound is not only retro but fresh. If you're a fan of My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Panic! at the Disco, or simply enjoy glamorous, theatrical, flamboyant rock, then you have to check Spiders Make Great Poets out. Stream/download it on your favorite digital music platform

MOON FEVER: Casanova Tuesday, 14 April 2020 19:35 by madseason
Moon Fever - Casanova

Moon Fever is a Hollywood-based band consisting in vocalist Cody Jasper, guitarist Mitch Micoley, guitarist Joe Perez, bassist Gabe Maska and drummer Greg Garcia.

Their hedonistic, larger-than-life sound might recall a more hellacious period of rock'n'roll history, but make no mistake: Moon Fever is a band built for modern times. In a musical world where genre lines have been muddied beyond recognition, Moon Fever unabashedly worship at the altar of the Sunset Strip idols that came before them –a welcome respite from the multi-hyphen, blend-o-matic masquerading as today's rock music.

Moon Fever trade in high-octane garage-infused riffs, soaring vocals, and lyrical storytelling with enough debauchery to simultaneously raise eyebrows and fists. It's unfiltered, honest-to-god rock with a sonic upgrade for today's listeners' discerning ears.

With the release of new single Casanova the band is kicking down doors and wooing fans into their frenetic world.

Check the lyric video for Casanova clicking on the image and stream and download the song on digital music platforms worldwide.

NADIA VAEH: MONROE Friday, 27 March 2020 16:08 by madseason
Nadia Vaeh - Monroe

This is something different, but I thought it's a great opportunity to celebrate this year's Women's History Month.

Nadia Vaeh is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia fusing southern soul with pop music.

She is releasing her brand new single, Monroe, today, Friday, March 27.

Monroe is a brilliant pop anthem that will resonate with women around the world, as it pays homage to female icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Meryl Streep, Celine Dion and more.

"I wanted to write a song paying tribute to many of the women who have influenced me as an artist, entertainer, and woman. Monroe to me is about being confident in yourself and working to uplift and inspire other women. We all have room to shine and when we allow that light to flow through, we can create space for others to do the same" said Nadia about the new single.

Proceeds of the song will be donated to GirlUp, a United Nations Foundation inspiring a generation of girls to be a force for gender equality and social change.

Stream/buy Monroe on your favorite digital music service clicking on the image.

NORTH: self-titled debut EP out today Tuesday, 24 March 2020 14:07 by madseason
North - North ep

"I'm from the North" is the fitting phrase often used by singer/songwriter North, "where there's no such thing as bad weather - only inappropriate clothing!" Now living in London, this fearless 29-year-old songstress is using the battles she has fought and won, including the infamous BMU scandal that rocked the UK music industry in 2018, as fuel to fire the likely success of her first EP.

With influences that include Christina Aguilera and P!nk, North remarks "I love the whole strong, feisty and fearlessness thing they portray... they preach acceptance and fight for the underdog so I guess that resonates." She draws further inspiration from the likes of Slash, Nirvana, Elton John and Etta James which should be an indication of the wide-ranging sound you can expect to hear from North. Her powerful vocals are reminiscent of Christina Aguilera (and Canadian blues rock singer Sass Jordan I would add...) but with the soul of Janis Joplin, drawing you in while also making you aware that nothing will break her down. It's quite the thing to experience.

North's self-titled debut EP is being released today, Tuesday, March 24, on Dreamscope Records.

The EP is rooted in rock and blues with North's awe-inspiring vocals giving the project a distinct fearlessness.

The EP includes the leading single Breaking Me Down, an anthem for resilience, as North hopes to inspire herself and others to stay strong through life's darkest moments.

Buy/stream the EP on your favorite digital music service clicking on the image above.