MOTIVE BLACK: Broken Monday, 23 March 2020 18:45 by madseason
Motive Black - Broken

Los Angeles-based Motive Black is the creative phoenix born of singer Elana Justin's pain, tenacity, and resilience.

The New York raised rocker pulled up roots in 2018 and moved to the West Coast for a fresh perspective in her life and art. This would ultimately lead to dynamic new relationships and the formation of Motive Black.

Elana connected with Grammy-winning producer Nick Rowe who has worked with everyone from Vampire Weekend and Lamb of God to Madonna and Snoop Dogg. The duo wrote all the tracks for the band's upcoming debut EP due out later this year.

Broken is the first single released off the album. "Broken is about the fight I had internally that allowed me to break down the walls I'd built up around my heart for protection. By being willing to take a chance and open myself up again, I came back to being myself" said Elana.

Watch the video for Broken clicking on the image.

PAYSON LEWIS: Nothing To You Wednesday, 26 February 2020 18:45 by madseason
Payson Lewis - Nothing To You

Here's Nothing To You, indie-pop artist Payson Lewis' latest music video. Directed by Collin H. Duffy (Superfruit, Hunter Hayes, Toly), the music video follows Payson as he laments about being only a doormat (quite literally) for his lover.

The release of Nothing To You dives deep into the realization of when it's time to leave a relationship. The emotional journey Payson describes is highlighted through haunting production qualities worked by Ben Soldate who produced and mixed the song. The track also features mastering by Grammy Award-winning Eric Boulanger and Adam Tressler on guitar, who creates the perfect instrumental terrain for the visceral lyrics.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Payson Lewis has always had a close relationship with music.   Just after graduating, his career was launched by placing 4th on NBC's The Sing-Off.  Since then, he has used his diverse musical skill set in performances all over the world.  He's sung with national symphony orchestras in Taiwan and Korea, starred in theatrical performances in Chicago and Las Vegas, sung on multiple major motion picture soundtracks, and acted on several TV shows, including Jane the Virgin, The People vs. OJ Simpson, and How I Met Your Mother.  Last year, he released his debut record, Take Me Apart to universal acclaim and amassed well over half a million streams on Spotify.

With Nothing To You, Payson Lewis displays his personal creativity and musical abilities while claiming his spot in the indie-pop scene. The single is available for download and streaming on all digital music platforms.

Envy: the return of FRAMING HANLEY Friday, 21 February 2020 23:52 by madseason
Framing Hanley - Envy

Framing Hanley is releasing their 4th studio album Envy via Thermal Entertainment today, February 21.

"If you would have asked me when we started back in 2007 'what do you envision as your sound 12 years from now'," states vocalist Kenneth Nixon. "I certainly wouldn't have predicted this -- but holy hell am I excited about the evolution in this band's music. We spent 3 years working on this album and it is undoubtedly the very best of Framing Hanley from start to finish. We needed a break in 2015 -- but we're back now, and we're firing on all cylinders."

Three singles from Envy have been released as singles so far: Puzzle Pieces, Baggage Claim and Throwing Knives have already surpassed 15 million streams.

See how tese amazing rockers have progressed checking out Envy: click on the image and choose your favorite digital platform or buy it physical.

A Killer's Confession - The Indifference Of Good Men

A Killer's Confession, the band led by vocalist Waylon Reavis, is back with their much-anticipated sophomore album, The Indifference Of Good Men.

The new record was produced by Sahaj Ticotin (Starset, Sevendust, MEYTAL) in Los Angeles, CA. It was released last Friday, October 18, via Wake Up! Music Group, and features the most recent band's single Numb.

With The Indifference Of Good Men, A Killer's Confession has constructed one of the most high octane, adrenaline fueled, gut wrenching albums of the year.

The Indifference Of Good Men is equal parts beauty and tragedy and takes the listener on a journey to the edge of insanity and back.

Formed in 2016 in Cleveland, OH, A Killer's Confession is led by vocalist Waylon Reavis and consists of Morgan Bauer (drums), JP Cross (bass), and Mark Alexander (guitar) and Brock Star (lead guitar).

Stream/buy The Indifference Of Good Men on your favorite digital music service.

KONGOS: 1929: Part 2 Friday, 11 October 2019 21:30 by madseason
KONGOS - 1929: Part 2

South african alternative rockers KONGOS release their new album 1929: Part 2 today, October 11.

The album features the singles Western Fog and Fools and is the second chapter of a story which began earlier in the year with 1929: Part 1.

In support of the album, KONGOS embarked on the 1929 Tour that started on October 1st with support act, FITNESS, the electro-pop duo featuring ex-members of AWOLNATION and Eve 6.

As previously reported, the band launched an 8-part docuseries available on Amazon Prime, "Bus Call", which follows their story and gives a compelling and realistic window into life on tour. The brothers also host a podcast, "The Front Lounge", where they discuss music, ideas and more with guests that include other musicians, artists, touring professionals and entrepreneurs.

Stream/download 1929: Part 2 on your favorite digital music service.

BAD WOLF: Breathing Underwater Friday, 27 September 2019 20:49 by madseason
Bad Wolf - Breathing Underwater

Alt-rock duo Bad Wolf is releasing the official video for their new single Breathing Underwater today, Friday, September 27.

With vulnerable lyrics and catchy vocals that glide over moody guitars and powerful, driving drums, Breathing Underwater explores the internal conflicts a queer person faces when making their way in the world.

The cinematic video ties together themes of the ocean and mermaids combined with an LGBT storyline.

Based in Los Angeles, Bad Wolf has been creating their own unique version of alt-pop by forging together sci-fi and fantasy with a touch of Goth rock.  With sounds similar to Evanescence, Paramore, and Birthday Massacre, Bad Wolf has the competitive advantage of having different influences and musical backgrounds along with the skills of self-production. The duo, consisting of Kota Wade and Tommy Oleksyn, has diverse accolades, which range from performing with Echosmith and We Came As Romans, having over a million views on YouTube, to performing annually at the Labyrinth Of Jareth Masquerade Ball, one of North America's largest fantasy events.

Watch the video for Breathing Underwater clicking on the image.

DOG DRIVE MANTIS: Volta Saturday, 14 September 2019 12:03 by madseason
Dog Drive Mantis - Volta

Something different this time: Dog Drive Mantis are an instrumental indie rock band based in Toronto, and they just released their new music video Volta, a fluid and expressive track inspired by the imagery of a lighthouse.

The rich, full-bodied sound of Dog Drive Mantis comes from a blend of influences from surrounding genres: they bring together the colorful textures and moody, poetic melodies of progressive indie post-rock with the vibrant horn-driven sparkle of jazz fusion.

"Volta was inspired by the imagery of a lighthouse on a desolate shore where the surrounding waters begin calm but quickly turn frenetic and frantic, working its way up to a cascading storm that reaches a breaking point before returning to a disoriented but calm state" said bassist Carmen Haines, adding "The music reflects all of these changes that the imaginary setting experiences. Beginning and ending with a droning pulse that mimics the swirling glow emitted from the lighthouse."

As Dog Drive Mantis are not an easy band to pigeonhole, you better watch the video for Volta now clicking on the image and judge by yourselves.

For me, it's two thumbs up, and I can't wait to listen to more new stuff from this original act.

THE BAND CAMINO: tryhard Friday, 6 September 2019 22:14 by madseason
The Band CAMINO - tryhard

Nashville-based alt-rock act The Band CAMINO released their Elektra Records debut EP tryhard last August 23.

About the title of the album, the band commented: "Somewhere along the way people have called us 'try-hards'. People thinking we took ourselves too seriously or were trying to be something we weren't. Of course we're try hards. Of course we want to create something bigger than ourselves. People often use "try hard" in a derogatory sense, but we'd rather own the fact that we've given every ounce of ourselves to making this music."

"tryhard is Graham Rowell. tryhard is Spencer Stewart. tryhard is Garrison Burgess. tryhard is Jeffery Jordan. tryhard is our manager Jameson Roper. tryhard is our producer Jordan Schmidt. tryhard is every person who has poured into us and believed in us along the way. tryhard is bigger than any one person and we hope this EP represents a TRUE band, a true collaborative work of art that finds you on your good days and bad and hopefully makes you feel a little bit more understood somehow."

tryhard marks The Band CAMINO's transition from alt-rock's next big thing to alt-rock's new big thing. It's a fresh, modern, awesome record that I urge you to check out on your favorite digital music service.