HATE DRUGS: Night II (Divine Providence) Thursday, 24 September 2020 18:00 by madseason
Hate Drugs - Night II (Divine Providence)

Indie pop band Hate Drugs from Bakersfield, CA, takes us on a road trip in their new official video for Night II (Divine Providence), a song off their new EP Ponderosa.

This soft track draws images of reflection that are relatable to remind us of how quickly life changes. 

Check the video out clicking on the image.

Ponderosa was released last July and marks the beginning of a new era for Hate Drugs. Arranged and produced by the band, with additional mixing and mastering help from Cory Reyes, Ponderosa "was a moment, perfectly captured without any of us knowing it. It's the beginning of a new chapter for us, and everyone, really" as lead vocalist David Caploe explained.

If you still haven't, stream/download it on digital music platforms worldwide.

HATE DRUGS: Night I (Don't Stop) Friday, 29 May 2020 17:34 by madseason
Hate Drugs - Night I (Don't Stop)

Hate Drugs is an indie pop band from Bakersfield, CA founded in the summer of 2014 by David Caploe with the release of his self-produced EP, Rough Daze.

The remaining members - Josiah Caploe, Norman Lee, Adrian Diaz, and John Irwin IV - joined the band shortly after and released two more EPs and LPs together: Anna Grahm (2015), Beach Weekend (2016), Tsunami Soul II (2017), and Tsunami Soul I (2019).
In September 2019, the band released the 2014 EP in celebration of their 5-year anniversary.

Today, Friday, May 29, Hate Drugs are releasing their motivational new track Night I (Don't Stop).

In the turmoil that we currently call reality, Hate Drugs provides us with a helping hand to get through the dark times. Created in the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevadas, in a warm cabin within the evergreen trees, the group set out to invent a sound that culminated with the growth and perseverance of their friendship.
The song questions how strong the will to succeed is and how important our dreams are.

Stream/download Night I (Don't Stop) clicking on the image.