JOSH LAMBERT: Sanity Friday, 22 May 2020 13:59 by madseason
Josh Lambert - Sanity

Josh Lambert is a musician from the Bay Area, who isn't inhibited by genre. Pulling inspiration from all aspects of art and entertainment, including Salvador Dali, the self-produced singer-songwriter makes music that often combines the worlds of hip-hop, rock and alternative, creating a sound that will resonate with every listener.

Josh is releasing is brand new EP today, May 22. Finalized amidst being in quarantine in Los Angeles, CA, Josh thought it was aptly fitting to call his EP, Sanity, as we all come to grips with the new normal.

Sanity include the genre-bending single, On & On, an alternative rock-influenced track that expresses the struggle of heartbreak and the hopefulness in recovery. In this song, Josh combines his authentic lyrics and melancholic tone with an upbeat and catchy rhythm, making this track very engaging and relatable to the listener.

Sanity is available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.