HATE DRUGS: Night I (Don't Stop) Friday, 29 May 2020 17:34 by madseason
Hate Drugs - Night I (Don't Stop)

Hate Drugs is an indie pop band from Bakersfield, CA founded in the summer of 2014 by David Caploe with the release of his self-produced EP, Rough Daze.

The remaining members - Josiah Caploe, Norman Lee, Adrian Diaz, and John Irwin IV - joined the band shortly after and released two more EPs and LPs together: Anna Grahm (2015), Beach Weekend (2016), Tsunami Soul II (2017), and Tsunami Soul I (2019).
In September 2019, the band released the 2014 EP in celebration of their 5-year anniversary.

Today, Friday, May 29, Hate Drugs are releasing their motivational new track Night I (Don't Stop).

In the turmoil that we currently call reality, Hate Drugs provides us with a helping hand to get through the dark times. Created in the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevadas, in a warm cabin within the evergreen trees, the group set out to invent a sound that culminated with the growth and perseverance of their friendship.
The song questions how strong the will to succeed is and how important our dreams are.

Stream/download Night I (Don't Stop) clicking on the image.