MOON FEVER: Casanova Tuesday, 14 April 2020 19:35 by madseason
Moon Fever - Casanova

Moon Fever is a Hollywood-based band consisting in vocalist Cody Jasper, guitarist Mitch Micoley, guitarist Joe Perez, bassist Gabe Maska and drummer Greg Garcia.

Their hedonistic, larger-than-life sound might recall a more hellacious period of rock'n'roll history, but make no mistake: Moon Fever is a band built for modern times. In a musical world where genre lines have been muddied beyond recognition, Moon Fever unabashedly worship at the altar of the Sunset Strip idols that came before them –a welcome respite from the multi-hyphen, blend-o-matic masquerading as today's rock music.

Moon Fever trade in high-octane garage-infused riffs, soaring vocals, and lyrical storytelling with enough debauchery to simultaneously raise eyebrows and fists. It's unfiltered, honest-to-god rock with a sonic upgrade for today's listeners' discerning ears.

With the release of new single Casanova the band is kicking down doors and wooing fans into their frenetic world.

Check the lyric video for Casanova clicking on the image and stream and download the song on digital music platforms worldwide.