mario fucks

Mario is an active/passive bisexual transylvanian Benjamin Button.

His owner, weChameleon's dearest friend Andrew "omelette" McWater, told us that "Mario chooses his sexual partner in a completely random way. He's got no clue about what he's doing until he's doing it, and keeps no memories of his previous erotic experiences, bad or good they are".

The picture shows our hero enjoying the moment in a sort of bondage game with a brand new friend of his. "This time Mario's got lucky" says an amused Omelette "the partner is a female one".

May we add that she doesn't really seem that entertained? Come on, Mario, keep pushin'!


mario reads

But Mario is not just a sex addicted. He's also an acculturized guy, an avid reader of such novels as Edward Bunker's "Dog Eat Dog", Walter Mosley's "Walkin' The Dog" and Don Wislow's "The Power Of The Dog".

Sadly this passion for culture led him into a presbyopic status so, when it's time for a good reading, he must put his glasses on if he doesn't want to get whistles for flasks!