NORTH: self-titled debut EP out today Tuesday, 24 March 2020 14:07 by madseason
North - North ep

"I'm from the North" is the fitting phrase often used by singer/songwriter North, "where there's no such thing as bad weather - only inappropriate clothing!" Now living in London, this fearless 29-year-old songstress is using the battles she has fought and won, including the infamous BMU scandal that rocked the UK music industry in 2018, as fuel to fire the likely success of her first EP.

With influences that include Christina Aguilera and P!nk, North remarks "I love the whole strong, feisty and fearlessness thing they portray... they preach acceptance and fight for the underdog so I guess that resonates." She draws further inspiration from the likes of Slash, Nirvana, Elton John and Etta James which should be an indication of the wide-ranging sound you can expect to hear from North. Her powerful vocals are reminiscent of Christina Aguilera (and Canadian blues rock singer Sass Jordan I would add...) but with the soul of Janis Joplin, drawing you in while also making you aware that nothing will break her down. It's quite the thing to experience.

North's self-titled debut EP is being released today, Tuesday, March 24, on Dreamscope Records.

The EP is rooted in rock and blues with North's awe-inspiring vocals giving the project a distinct fearlessness.

The EP includes the leading single Breaking Me Down, an anthem for resilience, as North hopes to inspire herself and others to stay strong through life's darkest moments.

Buy/stream the EP on your favorite digital music service clicking on the image above.

MATCHBOX TWENTY are Overjoyed with new video Saturday, 3 November 2012 17:36 by madseason
matchbox twenty

Here we have a new, official video for Matchbox Twenty's "Overjoyed", the new single off the American band last album "North".

The video, directed by Bigtv (Andy Delaney and Monty Whitebloom) was filmed on September 22 and shows the band in a carousel and other carnival rides trigger memories.

In other news, iTunes has just released an EP featuring 6 tracks and two videos from Matchbox Twenty's last September performance at the iTunes Festival in London. Grab it now following this link.

MATCHBOX TWENTY's Song Wednesday, 19 September 2012 23:21 by madseason
matchbox twenty

Brand new video for Matchbox Twenty, the third for songs off "North", the album that marked the return for the American superstars.

Following "She's So Mean" and "Overjoyed", here's "Our Song", a clip that collects behind the scene footage of the band recording the new  album. Watch it now clicking on the image on the left.

"North" was released last September 4 and debuted and the number one position on the US Billboard 200 and on the Australian Albums Chart.

matchbox twenty

We heard the song, we watched the lyric video, now is the time to check the official music video for "She's So Mean", the song that marks the much welcomed return of Matchbox Twenty.

"She's So Mean" is the first single off "North", the fourth full-length studio album for Rob Thomas & Co. and the first since 2002. "North", produced by Matt Serletic, will be released on September, 4 via Melisma / Atlantic Records.

Watch the video, directed by Rich Lee, clicking on the frame on the left.

MATCHBOX TWENTY unveil new album cover Thursday, 12 July 2012 15:00 by madseason
matchbox twenty

Matchbox Twenty have just unveiled the cover for "North", the first album of new material that the band has released since "More Than You Think You Are" in 2002, although they did record six new songs for their 2007 compilation album "Exile on Mainstream".

"North" will include 12 tracks produced by long time partner Matt Serletic and will be released on September 4th via Atlantic Records.

The first single off the album, as previously reported on weChameleon, is  a song named "She's So Mean". The music video began filming a few days ago. Meanwhile you can listen to the single and watch the lyric clip following this link.

She's So Mean for MATCHBOX TWENTY Tuesday, 12 June 2012 23:45 by madseason
matchbox twenty

As I told you a few weeks ago, legendary American band Matchbox Twenty has announced the release of a brand new studio album titled "North" for September 4th.

Now we can listen to the first single off "North", a track called "She's So Mean", "a tongue in cheek song about a girl who keeps doing you wrong, but you can't stay away," Rob Thomas tells AOL Music. "Like a drug, every guy and girl have had someone like that in their life at some time or another."

Watch the lyric video for "She's So Mean" now, clicking on the image on the left.

MATCHBOX TWENTY return! Friday, 18 May 2012 21:00 by madseason
matchbox twenty

Matchbox Twenty has announced the release of "North", their much anticipated new album scheduled to hit the shelves on September 4th.

"North" marks Matchbox Twenty's fourth full-length studio recording and first all-new album in a decade.

"The title refers to us finding our way," says Paul Doucette "We went into this record with a lot of material. Many different songs that could have taken us in many different directions. It sort of overwhelmed us for a bit. But, at a certain point, we figured it out. We figured out where North was."

The band lived together last Summer in a house in Nashville  where they all collaborated on the new material before once again joining forces with the Grammy Award-winning producer Matt Serletic.
The album's first single, "She's So Mean", is slated to be released in June.