DOG DRIVE MANTIS: Volta Saturday, 14 September 2019 12:03 by madseason
Dog Drive Mantis - Volta

Something different this time: Dog Drive Mantis are an instrumental indie rock band based in Toronto, and they just released their new music video Volta, a fluid and expressive track inspired by the imagery of a lighthouse.

The rich, full-bodied sound of Dog Drive Mantis comes from a blend of influences from surrounding genres: they bring together the colorful textures and moody, poetic melodies of progressive indie post-rock with the vibrant horn-driven sparkle of jazz fusion.

"Volta was inspired by the imagery of a lighthouse on a desolate shore where the surrounding waters begin calm but quickly turn frenetic and frantic, working its way up to a cascading storm that reaches a breaking point before returning to a disoriented but calm state" said bassist Carmen Haines, adding "The music reflects all of these changes that the imaginary setting experiences. Beginning and ending with a droning pulse that mimics the swirling glow emitted from the lighthouse."

As Dog Drive Mantis are not an easy band to pigeonhole, you better watch the video for Volta now clicking on the image and judge by yourselves.

For me, it's two thumbs up, and I can't wait to listen to more new stuff from this original act.

THE BAND CAMINO: tryhard Friday, 6 September 2019 22:14 by madseason
The Band CAMINO - tryhard

Nashville-based alt-rock act The Band CAMINO released their Elektra Records debut EP tryhard last August 23.

About the title of the album, the band commented: "Somewhere along the way people have called us 'try-hards'. People thinking we took ourselves too seriously or were trying to be something we weren't. Of course we're try hards. Of course we want to create something bigger than ourselves. People often use "try hard" in a derogatory sense, but we'd rather own the fact that we've given every ounce of ourselves to making this music."

"tryhard is Graham Rowell. tryhard is Spencer Stewart. tryhard is Garrison Burgess. tryhard is Jeffery Jordan. tryhard is our manager Jameson Roper. tryhard is our producer Jordan Schmidt. tryhard is every person who has poured into us and believed in us along the way. tryhard is bigger than any one person and we hope this EP represents a TRUE band, a true collaborative work of art that finds you on your good days and bad and hopefully makes you feel a little bit more understood somehow."

tryhard marks The Band CAMINO's transition from alt-rock's next big thing to alt-rock's new big thing. It's a fresh, modern, awesome record that I urge you to check out on your favorite digital music service.

WINTERBOURNE: Echo Of Youth Friday, 23 August 2019 21:57 by madseason
Winterbourne - Echo Of Youth

Winterbourne, the Australian duo of long-time friends and collaborators James Draper and Jordan Brady, are releasing Echo Of Youth, their debut full-length album today, August 23.

The duo worked with their self-appointed musical dream team consisting of producer Andy Mak (Vera Blue), engineer Jackson Barclay (Timberwolf) and multi-instrumentalist Thom Mak, delivering a 12-song opus of exhilarating indie rock, rich in swirling guitars, lush synths and soaring, catchy choruses. Even with its richly textured and distinctive, genre-defying sound, Winterbourne still manage to preserve the simplicity of their reputable essence, with James and Jordan's singing and guitar-playing at the album's core.

"It might sound overly dramatic, but this really does feel like the culmination of everything we've done in the last 12 years, including even the most vague and unnecessary nonsenseWe approached the record with the very deliberate goal of creating something that could sum us up completely, and serve as an answer to the question ‘so, what do you guys do?' or, ‘what kind of music do you play?'" said J&J about the release Echo Of Youth, adding "This has been by no means a duo effort, and we're forever indebted to the wonderful people around us who have taken our nice romantic album fantasy out of our heads and brought it into reality."

So, go check this much awaited, awesome record now, streaming or downloading it from your favorite music service... I think it will rank very high in my personal end-of-the-year chart!

ZAYDE WØLF: Rumble Friday, 16 August 2019 18:45 by madseason
Zayde Wolf - Rumble (Official Lyric Video)

Alternative pop-rocker Dustin Burnett is releasing Zayde Wølf's new single Rumble today, August 16.

Dustin presented his new single to his followers with these words: "We all face obstacles – imagined or real. And so with that in mind, Rumble came about as a song to fight your inner demons.
It's an in-your-face rock anthem to get you to the other side of that Me vs Me battle, through the good and the bad.
Life can be a long battle and fighting these demons is simply a part of the war. I hope this song lights a spark to never lose hope."

If you're into Imagine Dragons, Bastille, OneRepublic, X Ambassadors, The Neighbourhood, Rumble is a song you can't miss: stream/buy it on your favorite digital music service and watch the official lyric video clicking on the image.

CHARMING LIARS: Bare Bones Monday, 12 August 2019 21:09 by madseason
Charming Liars - Insomnia (Acoustic)

Los Angeles alternative band Charming Liars are continuing their breakout year in 2019 with the release of a 4-track acoustic EP, Bare Bones and a run of West Coast headlining dates. The band will return to Europe in August for a tour with The Faim and then head back to the states for an extended run as direct support for Angels & Airwaves (here you can find all upcoming dates).

About Bare Bones Karnig Manoukian, guitar player and producer, says: "The songwriting process has always been an integral part of our music creation and laying out these songs in this simpler, more organic form allows the song, lyrics and melodies to really shine. This is something that we will definitely continue to do in the future and is something that really excites us. It brings us back to these songs that we lived with for months and allows us to rejuvenate and recreate."

Check the video for the acoustic version of Insomnia clicking on the image and buy/stream Bare Bones on iTunes and Spotify.

AMY GUESS: Lay Low Friday, 9 August 2019 22:35 by madseason
Amy Guess - Lay Low

Rising artist Amy Guess, from Las Vegas, NV, is releasing alluring new single, Lay Low. With an electric guitar that cuts deep into the chorus, Guess presents a powerful vocal lead relaying the story of a much-needed break from reality.

Lay Low describes the multifaceted emotions that come with stepping away from a situation for the sake of your own mental health: "I wrote most of this song pacing around my living room. As years go by, you get a better compass for who you want to spend your time around because life isn't long enough to spread yourself thin with people you don't truly have a passion for being with," explains Guess. "This song is about taking a stepping away from the wrong relationships to have more time for the right ones."

Produced and co-written by Scott Chesak (Panic! At The Disco, Weezer) with additional production by JT Daly (K.Flay), Lay Low offers strong and emotive vocals, relatable lyrics, and catchy melodic deliverances resulting in a cathartic alt-pop track.

Lay Low is the second single off of Amy Guess' upcoming EP, set for release later this year. Download and stream the track across all digital media platforms worldwide, and check Amy's music on Spotify.

HUNGER: My Shirt Your Dress Monday, 5 August 2019 19:08 by madseason
Hunger - My Shirt Your Dress

Ambitious Austrian alt-rock trio HUNGER, have released their new track, My Shirt Your Dress. The song is the second single off of their forthcoming record, Mosaik.

With a chilled melancholic sound, HUNGER stray from their trademark synth-based tracks and embrace a moody, dark pop, soundscape.

"The song is about the big 'what-if' love of your life," the band explains. "We all have it. We all know it. You might have this one person you never asked on a date although you felt a very strong connection with, or might have met the better half of your life, but for some reason it just didn't work out. Sometimes love just never really gets the chance."

Produced by the band's own Johannes Herbst, My Shirt Your Dress is now available to download and stream across all digital media platforms worldwide.

Also, watch the official music video now clicking on the image.

HERO THE BAND: Back To Myself Saturday, 3 August 2019 15:42 by madseason
Hero The Band - Back To Myself

This is something different, but very interesting and highly enjoyable nonetheless. I'm speaking of Hero The Band's new single Back To Myself, a modern-day funk rock anthem released a few days ago via Republic Records.

"We have been around music all of our lives, and we want to make music for the rest of our lives." says Nick, the youngest member of the band from Atlanta, GA. Hero The Band's musical influences are Queen, Coldplay, Take 6, Boyz II Men, The Temptations, The Beatles, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, Earth,Wind, and Fire, U2, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz. It is no surprise that the brothers play the bass and lead guitars, keys, and drums. "Because we write our own lyrics and musical sound, it allows us to express our real emotions and share ourselves with the world", says Jerramy. "We are not in a box, we don't have a lead singer. We are just a mixture of different genres of music, like Michael Jackson or Andre 3000,"Justin says.

As the band grows in musicianship and artistry, Hero The Band have been blessed with many phenomenal performance opportunities. The band has performed at such venues as the Masquerade, Phillip's Arena (National Anthem for the Hawks), and performed as the opening act for the legendary "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" band, Mother's Finest.

Watch the video for Back To Myself now clicking on the image.