HER LEATHER JACKET: Cut Me Up Friday, 10 May 2024 18:36 by madseason
Her Leather Jacket - Cut Me Up performance video

In a world where vulnerability meets the energetic rhythms of rock and pop punk, emerging artist Her Leather Jacket unveils an upbeat and emotionally charged track titled Cut Me Up. This heart-wrenching banger dives deep into the universal theme of not feeling enough for a partner who loves you immensely. With catchy melodies, driving guitar riffs, and impassioned vocals, Cut Me Up captures the tumultuous journey of self-doubt and insecurity within relationships. Cut Me Up is available to stream and download on all platforms.

Drawing from personal experiences, Her Leather Jacket pours their heart into every chord and lyric of Cut Me Up. The song's poignant lyrics, written by Aaron Gillespie (of Underoath and The Almost) and Cameron Walker (of Twin XL), explore the inner turmoil of feeling unworthy despite being showered with affection. Through anthemic choruses and introspective verses, listeners are invited to delve into the complexities of love, feeling exposed, and self-worth. "For us, the song is about someone questioning if they are good enough for their partner, and at the end of the day, they are there with an overwhelming, staggering kind of love," the band shared in a statement. Cut Me Up is a cathartic release for anyone who has grappled with feelings of inadequacy in relationships. Its relatable lyrics and infectious energy resonate with listeners, offering solace and solidarity in moments of doubt. With its dynamic instrumentation and emotive delivery, the track encapsulates the essence of pop punk while delivering a powerful message of self-acceptance and growth. Cut Me Up was produced by Aaron Gillespie, mixed by Matt Huber (Smallpools, Boys Like Girls), and mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Adam Grover (Green Day, Zach Bryan). Ethan Howard was brought in as the drum recording engineer.

Hailing from East Nashville, Her Leather Jacket is swiftly making waves as a dynamic duo, seamlessly blending elements of pop-punk and alternative rock in their music. Lead singer Manny Blu, who had previously made his mark in country music, felt compelled to explore his musical vision upon relocating to Nashville in 2018. It was here that he crossed paths with drummer Wes Snyder, forming a partnership that would ignite their creative journey. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Blink-182, The All-American Rejects, and All Time Low, Her Leather Jacket unleashed their debut self-titled EP in the fall of 2023, embracing the vibrant energy of post-pop punk. In 2024, they are embarking on their 'Fuck You' era with an EP that promises to be both eagerly anticipated and chaotically epic. At the heart of Her Leather Jacket's ethos lies a simple yet important mantra: "Make good fucking music and have a good fucking time."

Cut Me Up marks the fourth single from their new EP, The House That Chaos Built, set for release this summer. Keep up with Her Leather Jacket and their upcoming shows by following their Instagram @HerLeatherJacketOfficial and visiting their website HerLeatherJacket.com.

BLACE: Crash and Burn Friday, 19 April 2024 18:39 by madseason
Blace - Crash and Burn

Blace has released his first official single, Crash and Burn, a pop-punk-inspired track delving into themes of emotional chaos during a relationship. Crash and Burn is available now to stream and download everywhere.

Crash and Burn combines a punk rock edge with emotionally vulnerable lyrics to create a unique and passionate rock piece. Pulling from his real-life experiences regarding the decision to stay in a tough relationship, Blace dives deep in hopes of reaching an audience that has been through something similar. The track opens with enticing vocals and powerful lyrics and then quickly explodes into a high-energy call-and-response style chorus. The single is reminiscent of the early 2000s pop-punk/emo scene, parallel to the sounds of My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday. "Crash and Burn was a song I wrote a few years ago," says Blace. "This is a special song, and I knew I wanted to release it. It is very relatable in the sense that lots of people have experienced or are still experiencing being in with someone who makes their life harder. And even though they are in turmoil, they still choose to stick around."

With an artist moniker that pays homage to iconic figures of rock and roll, Blackie Lawless (of W.A.S.P.) and Ace Frehley (of KISS), Blace officially began his music career three years ago when the pandemic sent him home from college. His nomadic upbringing from Maine to North Carolina and Minnesota ultimately led him to establish roots in Los Angeles, where he cultivated his artistic legacy. Drawing inspiration from the raw energy of Motley Crue and early pop-punk bands like Green Day and Sum 41 to the theatricality of KISS to the dark allure of Ozzy Osbourne, and the lyrical contents of MGK, Juice WRLD, The Kid Laroi, Blace's sonic landscape traverses the contours of rock, punk, and alternative genres with effortless fluidity. Through passion and perseverance, Blace embodies the transformative power of music to transcend boundaries and inspire greatness.

On its surface, Crash and Burn is a catchy and exciting new pop-punk song, but looking deeper, one can see that it is a story about the trials and tribulations of love. You can download and stream Crash and Burn on all platforms worldwide, and be sure to keep up with Blace on Instagram and TikTok @blace.wav.

BOYCE AVENUE: Oceans Away Sunday, 24 March 2024 13:29 by madseason
Boyce Avenue - Oceans Away

Boyce Avenue, the renowned band of brothers celebrated for their captivating acoustic covers, have unveiled their most recent interpretation of the popular song Oceans Away by A R I Z O N A. This alluring performance stands as proof of the trio's outstanding musical skill.
Oceans Away is now available to stream and download on all platforms, and the corresponding video is out today, Sunday, March 24th on YouTube.

"Oceans Away by A R I Z O N A is a powerful anthem with lyrics and an emotive melody that speaks to the universal experience of long-distance relationships. We chose to cover this song because it allows us to convey its raw emotion in our own unique style," shared the band in a statement. Boyce Avenue's take on Oceans Away features the group's gentle vocals, optimistic acoustic allure, calming melodies, and soothing guitar strings, creating a unique perspective of the beloved track. The band's meticulous artistry and unwavering commitment illuminate each note, presenting their elaborate rendition of the track. This highlights their versatility and skill in reimagining familiar songs with a distinctive flair. Boyce Avenue's rendition of Oceans Away promises to enchant listeners and reinforce their standing as innovators in the realm of acoustic music. This track was produced by Boyce Avenue and edited, mixed, and mastered by Boyce Avenue and Adam Barber.

Boyce Avenue is an American band formed in Sarasota, Florida, by brothers Alejandro Manzano, Daniel Manzano, and Fabian Manzano. They are the most viewed independent band in the world (Guinness Book of World Records). Their extensive repertoire features collaborations with notable actors, influencers, and musicians such as Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Bea Miller (X-Factor), Fifth Harmony, and Connie Talbot (Britain's Got Talent). Beyond studio recordings, the band's impact extends to live performances, where they've achieved remarkable success. Boyce Avenue has headlined concerts in over 20 countries, thrilling sold-out audiences at prestigious venues like the Royal Albert Hall and Araneta Coliseum, reaffirming their enduring popularity and influence in the music industry. They've championed press from outlets like Billboard, NME, and Variety.

Join Boyce Avenue on their journey to continue releasing biweekly acoustic covers of influential artists. Keep up to date with Boyce Avenue via their website BoyceAvenue.com, Instagram @boyceavenue, and TikTok @boyceavenuetiktok.

THE BROKEN VIEW: Ordinary Love Friday, 1 March 2024 19:20 by madseason
The Broken View - Ordinary Love

The Broken View is an independent alternative rock band originating in Saratoga Springs, NY. The band was formed in 2018 by singer/song-writer Austin Kranick and drummer/producer Tyler Hayes. The two quickly bonded over their shared love for intricate songwriting and  lyricism while working together on Austin's solo project at the time. Together, Austin and Tyler began playing open-mic shows in Upstate, NY, performing acoustic versions of their songs which would later be released on their debut EP, Something Better in September of 2019.

Following the success of the multi-million streamed title track, Something Better and their tribute cover of Linkin Park's Breaking The Habit, Austin began writing their first full-length album, On The Mend, as plans to tour were inevitably derailed, due to the worldwide pandemic. During the writing and recording process of the album, guitarist John Lombardi (2021-present) co-wrote and produced a number of songs with Austin and later joined as a full-time member as lead guitarist. Joe Martino, made his debut as bassist during a virtual concert in January of 2022 and has since transitioned to guitar, replacing Matt Spinner after a decision to leave the group.

Since then, the band has hosted multiple sold out events in the Capital Region including the 'Album Release Party' for On The Mend in December of 2021, followed by an east coast tour in August of 2022 and the '1 year anniversary concert' for On The Mend at the historic Lark Hallin Albany, NY, later that year.

Singer/song-writer, Tom Barvick, joined as the new bassist for The Broken View after meeting while in collaboration with platinum selling artist/producer, Matt Noveskey (of Blue October) for their sophomore album, at the well renowned Orb Recording Studios in Austin, TX in January 2023.

The band is dropping today they're new studio album Ordinary Love, after releasing a bunch of singles including, Something You Can Give Yourself as well as the album's title track, Ordinary Love, Need A Friend and Closer.

The new record presents a more refined and mature sound than ever before: "We couldn't be more proud of these songs and we are so excited for you to finally hear them!" shouts out the band, so go get Ordinary Love now on all major streaming platforms (it's also available for purchase on CD).

NORTH SEA ECHOES: Really Good Terrible Things Friday, 23 February 2024 18:42 by madseason
North Sea Echoes - Really Good Terrible Things

Ray Alder and Jim Matheos' musical legacy is vast and lauded, both as collaborators and individuals.
Alder has been the vocalist and main co-writer for prog metal heroes Fates Warning for the past 35 years. With them he has recorded 10 albums between 1988 (No Exit) and 2020 (Long Day Good Night). Further rounding out his discography are seven albums with Redemption, two solo albums, and the band A-Z with Mark Zonder, which debuted in 2022.
Prolific and pioneering guitarist/producer Matheos is a co-founder of Fates Warning, the lineup debuting with 1984's Night on Bröcken on Metal Blade. In addition to 13 albums with Fates, Matheos' myriad other work includes several solo albums, four albums alongside former Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore, under the name OSI, and new band, Kings of Mercia, a lineup that's been termed "a hybrid; it's heavy, but not metal."

On North Sea Echoes' debut album, Really Good Terrible Things, out today, the duo embarks upon a fresh musical journey, a new chapter of intimate, moody, and evocative songs highlighted by the singles "Open Book," "Empty," "Unmoved."

"Throughout Really Good Terrible Things, Matheos and Alder serve up the kind of seductive melancholy Fates Warning fans will recognize," says Jeff Wagner, author of the Fates Warning book Destination Onward. "Yet there's a thoroughly different approach here: vocals are delivered with a sort of nostalgic sadness, and the guitar work is layered in such a way as to feel dreamlike. These are rich sonic landscapes, visiting places haunting, beautiful, spectral and secret. The Matheos/Alder partnership is taken to some new and wonderful places here," Wagner concludes.

Matheos and Alder began talking about working together again as soon as they completed Fates Warning's Long Day Good Night. "We just didn't know what, when, where" says Matheos. "I had begun work on another Tuesday the Sky record, which is an ambient, mostly instrumental, pet project of mine. But the first songs I'd come up with felt like they were more set up for vocals. Ray and I had done something similar on Long Days Good Night, a song called 'When Winter Falls,' and we both really liked the outcome. So, I asked him if he'd be onto doing a whole record with a similar approach."

The resultant Really Good Terrible Things was produced by Matheos with cover art from Simon Ward (Kings of Mercia, Marillion). The songwriting process was as familiar one for the Fates Warning vets: Matheos demos music, then passes it along to Alder. "If he likes the song, he'll start coming up with lyrics and melodies. After that, the song will tend go through further changes, sometimes minor, sometimes major, as the final form starts to take shape," explains Matheos.

Really Good Terrible Things shows the breadth and versatility of the acclaimed pair, along with a freshness that belies their long musical partnership. "We both still love making music and we really enjoy working together. There's a good amount of chemistry there, I think," Matheos concludes. "We both know what to expect from each other."

2 SHADOWS: Mad God Friday, 26 January 2024 13:08 by madseason
2 Shadows - Mad God

Vancouver based metal band 2 Shadows are heading into the New Year in high gear with their blistering new track Mad God on Rock Shop Records.

The song starts with a brief acoustic interlude before bludgeoning the listener with crushing down-tuned guitars and staccato snare sounds, underpinned by  thunderous bass drums and piercingly intense vocals. The song laments how people blindly follow the rules to get ahead in life - often without ever really knowing why they are doing it.

2 Shadows Glen Bridden says "When Tryst and I wrote the song Mad God we were inspired by the Phil Tippett film with the same name. We were blown away by the apocalyptic dystopian setting and the delivery of the horror elements in the movie and it got us excited to try exploring those vibes musically. Our song Mad God ended up being the easiest and most fluid song to write and we didn't make many changes after the first demo."

He continues "When it came to the lyrics of the song I focused on the dissonance visible in everyday urban life, like how lonely you can feel in a densely populated area and how common it is for people to numb themselves with prescription drugs and the like. It would seem people feel more comfortable ‘under an influence’ and that’s where the lyric “overdosed on sanity” comes from and where the dystopian horror begins to show itself and come full circle".

2 Shadows are veteran road warriors and are planning a tour for later this year. The band plans to release more new music in 2024.

ERIC SLEEPER: Magnolia Friday, 8 December 2023 17:31 by madseason
Eric Sleeper - Magnolia

Skilled singer-songwriter Eric Sleeper is set to enchant indie music enthusiasts with his new single, Magnolia. Embarking on a musical voyage through the realms of nostalgia and personal evolution, the poignant track transports listeners to a melancholic world while delving into themes of growth, societal stagnation, and the bittersweet moments of life. Sleeper masterfully weaves together introspection and relatable narratives to establish a truly mesmerizing musical experience. The dreamy and ambient artistic depiction Eric Sleeper creates with Magnolia is now available to stream on digital platforms.

At its core, Magnolia is an introspective exploration of emotions and a reflection of challenges that come with resistance to change. Eric Sleeper draws upon his personal experiences to craft a relatable and emotionally charged piece that resonates deeply with listeners. The dreamy ambiance contrasts with the underlying desolation, creating a unique sonic environment that draws listeners in its first notes. Beyond the personal narrative, Magnolia also tackles broader societal issues. Sleeper explores the concept of individuals who resist change and cause harm to themselves and others in the process. From a broader societal standpoint, Magnolia is meant to tackle people who aren't willing to change and hurt others as a result, explains Sleeper. This is reflected in the line, "Maria expects a second kid, still, she smokes same as before, well maybe more." This theme is evocatively portrayed again in the chorus, "Another cigarette. A melancholy dream, another cloudy day in Jersey City." It serves as both a reflection of the artist's own life and a representation of the struggles many face. Sleeper adds that "the song's hook ties into that notion, but also, for me, it represents that time in my life."

The track's unique blend of emotional storytelling and melodic prowess shines through in Magnolia. As an indie singer-songwriter, Eric Sleeper has consistently demonstrated his ability to create authentic and thought-provoking music. Magnolia showcases his talent both as a skilled lyricist and a captivating vocalist, further solidifying his place as a rising star in the singer-songwriter scene. The haunting harmonic vocals seamlessly intertwine with the infectious guitar riffs, teleporting listeners to a somber sonic atmosphere.

With Magnolia, Eric Sleeper expands his talents by working as a producer on this track to fully channel the blue-feeling soundscape that the story evokes. With several exciting singles unveiled this year, fans await the riveting music to come from the evocative songwriter, as he works on his debut full-length album.

WINTERBOURNE: Act Of Disappearing Friday, 17 November 2023 12:45 by madseason
Winterbourne - Act Of Disappearing

Indie-rockers Winterbourne are releasing their new album Act Of Disappearing today on Island Records Australia.

The band's own words about the new release: "Second albums are notoriously difficult things, and I think the reason goes far beyond weight of expectation. In our case the second album has been a difficult thing to wrap our heads around because of the crazy amount of freedom it has offered us. For Echo Of Youth we tried to sum ourselves up as a band as much as we could in 12 songs. Our entire music making career until then had been geared towards the creation of our debut album, and once that was accomplished we found ourselves with all the time in the world and an opportunity to do just about anything we wanted to - an exciting and daunting prospect."

"This album ended up coming together extremely naturally. Many of the songs have been floating around for years, and what songs we still needed we were able to create by our tried and true method of getting in a room together and making sounds. Perhaps the thing that aided our process the most was our commitment to the setting of Angelo - a fictional place that embodies the nonsense of the real world. Placing the songs within this world allowed us to explore them from an objective point of view, and also gave them all some common ground so they could connect musically. Angelo became the home of Ally and Daniel, the star-cross’d lovers around which the narrative of the album could develop. We were able to put our thoughts, feelings and questions into those characters and see what they could do with them, which freed us up to write the music while they dealt with the heavy stuff."

Overall, Act Of Disappearing is a journey towards understanding, oscillating between reality and fantasy, balancing on the edge of chaos through the masquerade of life and towards the truth within it."