MIA MORRIS: Fucket Bucket Friday, 10 December 2021 18:57 by madseason
Mia Morris - Fucket Bucket

Alternative rocker Mia Morris has just released her fiery new single, Fucket Bucket. With retro guitars, loops, and powerful vocals, this single is an ode to letting go of the worries in life and chucking them in the Fucket Bucket.

Mia Morris's Fucket Bucket is the edgy punk anthem that can resonate with everyone. Handling everyday stress while trying to live life to the fullest can put a strain on people, so Mia Morris made a carefree anthem to help let go of the stressors. "I want life to be fun, so I wrote a song about where to put everything else," states Morris. The song begins with her declaring, "life's too short to have regrets," as a single guitar advances into an ensemble of classic rock sounds. She uses her ability to mold together aspects of alternative, rock, and punk sounds to create a track that reminds listeners that some things simply need to be thrown into the Fucket Bucket. The song was written entirely by Mia Morris, which showcases her writing dynamic perfectly. From emphatic chord progressions to her energetic vocals, Fucket Bucket pulls from her varied musical tastes and eclectic influences.

17-year-old Mia Morris is a rock singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She first made a name for herself online at the age of 12 when videos of her drumming reached over five million views on YouTube. Since moving to Nashville to pursue a music career, Morris has backed up over 150 artists on various instruments across the country.

Morris has released over 40 songs as she continues to grow her career, with most being written, recorded, produced, and mixed by herself. Taking influences from artists such as No Doubt, Avril Lavigne and Fountains of Wayne, her ever-growing style is uniquely hers, making her stand out in the rock genre. Deemed a "drum protege" by other professional musicians, her musical resume puts her amongst some of the music industry's most seasoned veterans. Learning from some of the best, she was able to study with rock legend Kenny Aronoff, drummer for many notable artists such as Alanis Morissette, among other famous and accomplished drummers. Her many talents and accomplishments have gained her a large following on social media; with over 34K TikTok followers, nearly 24.8K Instagram followers, and 51.8K YouTube subscribers alongside 9+ million views on her videos, Mia Morris is a name to remember.

Fucket Bucket is available now on all streaming platforms worldwide.

THE ROYAL FOUNDRY: Listen To The Beat Friday, 26 November 2021 18:48 by madseason
The Royal Foundry - Listen To The Beat

The Royal Foundry is a Canadian indie-alt-rock band anchored by husband and wife Jared Salte and Beth Schumacher, along with touring band members Robbie Szabo and Jeremy Dehek.

Their new track, Listen To The Beat, was borne out of remembering past tours as the band belted lyric ideas on a long drive back to Canada from Nashville. It's an upbeat, pop forward alternative rock tune that pays homage to life on the road and the band's love of playing live music.

Through euphoria tinged melodies, The Royal Foundry captures that longing for a night to never end, for that favourite song to be on repeat, and the experience of vibing late into the night because nothing else in the world matters.

Founded in 2013, The Royal Foundry were thrown into the spotlight when their music video for All We Have received attention from local radio station, Sonic 102.9. The video went "indie-viral," quickly hitting 80,000 views on YouTube. Over the course of their genre bending journey they have amassed nearly 3 million streams on Spotify alone and the band has gone on to win numerous awards, have chart topping singles and toured extensively in North America, opening for the likes of Twenty One Pilots, July Talk, Rachel Platten and many more.
In 2016 they signed a publishing deal with Peermusic (the world’s largest independent publisher) and since then they have gone on to have incredible success in the sync world. Their music has ben featured and appeared on MTV’s Catfish, the CFL, NHL, Disney Wedding Fashion Show and has been used in commercials by Purina, ENMAX, Comcast and many more.
The Royal Foundry have shown no sign of slowing down, with their recent album, Wakeup Wakeup, garnering two Top 20 singles across Canada and over 1 million streams on Spotify.

Watch the video for Listen To The Beat clicking on the image and stream/download the song from digital platforms worldwide.

WILD GIANTS: Why Aren't We Freaking Out? Friday, 22 October 2021 13:41 by madseason
Wild Giants - Why Aren't We Freaking Out

Rock band Wild Giants dropped their new single "Why Aren't We Freaking Out?" a thought-provoking anthem that makes listeners stop and think about the acknowledgment of aliens. With constantly changing news cycles, some major news events do not get the attention they may deserve. Why Aren't We Freaking Out? brings attention to a topic that we may need to be freaking out about.

With heavy guitars and strong vocals, Why Aren't We Freaking Out? brings the listener on a musical journey that blends between science fiction and current news. Lead singer Austin Walashek took inspiration for this song from his own interest in sci-fi and conspiracy-related events. He calls this single his "best piece of work" so far. As the song transitions from a single guitar to a frenzy of instruments captivated by a controlled yet chaotic guitar solo, listeners get a taste of what the band was freaking out about in music form.

"The day the Pentagon opened the lid on UFOs by publicly confirming their existence and alien origins, I assumed the world as we knew it would be changed forever," says Walashek. Wild Giants reminds us that it is okay to take some time to "freak out" about some things that deserve more headlines.

The combination of Walashek on vocals and guitar, Lyman Lipke on bass, Todd Flaming on guitar, and Corey Batorski on drums, meshes perfectly. Their synchronicity allows listeners an experience to absorb the music itself along with the unique content in the lyrics as well. "The revelation was seemingly swept under the rug by the general public, but I couldn't keep my mind off of it… I kept asking myself, 'why aren't we freaking out,'" he explained, "I channeled my inner Tom Delonge for this track in hopes of bringing the spotlight back on the subject."

Produced by Dan Parker, Why Aren't We Freaking Out? is the third single off of the group's forthcoming EP, "Hey There, Slow Down, Help Me" and is available now to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide. Check the accompanying video clicking on the image.

HIGH STREET: Bad Blood Friday, 15 October 2021 19:20 by madseason
High Street - Bad Blood

Hard rock band High Street has released their newest single, Bad Blood. The heavy guitar-driven track fuses elements of 80s and 90s hard rock with a modern twist, giving the song its unique edge.

As with all of their music, Bad Blood delivers a compelling message. This song is about exiting a rocky relationship on a healthy note in spite of the heated emotions that may have surfaced. The single is another superb offering alongside their West Coast Revival Tour.

As the band makes their way through California, Arizona, and Nevada in preparation for their album release, they're treating their audiences to singles that deliver more than enough reason to catch them out on the road. Laden with captivating vocals and gripping guitar, Bad Blood is now available to stream and download worldwide.

The fierce new track from High Street illustrates the departure from a relationship that veered close to being toxic. The band describes the single as "another parting of ways song, although a bit more complex.” Those complexities are aptly conveyed in the song with each layer of the guitar (Findling) drums (Nikales) and bass (Metaxas), all driven by Noxigen's exhilarating vocals. "Disappointment, acceptance, understanding, and resolution with the situation reflected in the lyrics," High Street explains. The deliberate intention behind each note is emphasized by the blues-influenced instrumentation that makes this song stand out as a rarity in the genre.

Stream/download Bad Blood and watch the official video for the song clicking on the image.

CONCRETE CASTLES: Wish I Missed U Friday, 17 September 2021 18:45 by madseason
Concrete Castles - Thrill

Alternative band Concrete Castles is excited to share their highly anticipated debut album Wish I Missed U, out today, September 17, via Velocity Records/ Equal Vision Records.
The record features recent singles Porcelain, Just A Friend and Half Awake, and title track Wish I Missed U featuring Anthony Green (Circa Survive), which have together amassed over 1.36 million views on Youtube.
The band also recently shared a new music video for Thrill. Check it out clicking on the image.

The band shares: "We're so excited the album is finally out, we've been waiting so long for this, especially with all the COVID setbacks we've experienced throughout the process! We're really proud of all these songs and we hope that you love them just as much as we do!"

Like The Killers and Imagine Dragons before them, Concrete Castles started as a cover band. Except instead of honing their skills off the strip in Las Vegas, they've been building their cover presence on YouTube. The result is over 1 Million YouTube Subscribers and a quarter billion streams.

While the success from doing covers has been gratifying, the band learned that the more you cover and dissect pop and rock classics, the more you understand what about them works. Despite their young ages -vocalist Audra Miller is only 19, drummer Sam Gilman and guitarist Matt Yost are both 20- the trio possess a profound instinct for the intricacies of song construction.

The band began writing their own original music and brought in John and Stephen Gomez (of TWIN XL) to produce the new album and help bring those songs to life. Their debut landed on many prominent "Most Anticipated" lists prior to its release.

Concrete Castles has also worked with songwriters including Blake Harnage (PVRIS), Tyler Smyth (Lights, Blessthefall), Jayden Seeley (With Confidence), Mark Maxwell (Lindsey Stirling, Afrojack), Esjay Jones (Alient Ant Farm, Frank Zummo).

Concrete Castles ultimately shaped a dynamic sound that speaks to the eclectic nature of the band, whose members grew up on everything from country (Miller) to ’80s hair metal (Yost) to classic rock and emo (Gilman). Now the band is ready to show everyone what they've learned.

Stream or buy the full album on your favorite digital music service.

JANE HONOR: Sunset To London Friday, 3 September 2021 19:26 by madseason
Jane Honor - Sunset To London

Singer-songwriter, Jane Honor, has just released her newest single, Sunset To London. The song is a moving, introspective journey through Honor's mind as she reflects on an emotional escape. 

Sunset To London is a magisterial example of storytelling through music. A soft, heartwarming acoustic melody blends in perfect harmony with Jane Honor's silky vocals and thoughtful lyrics. The single was produced by Matty Carlock, who also co-wrote the track with Honor, and was mixed by Pete Andrews and mastered by Dan Shike. "I told Matty about a time that I dropped my whole life and ran away to London over the summer of 2019," says Honor. "There are parts of this song that are right from my heart, and there are also details that are fictional. It was really fun to create this dramatic storyline together."

Jane Honor illustrates the inspiration of the song as "running away from everything in your life, responsibilities, and running away from a particular person." The production of this track is one to be proud of as the candid single has listeners invested and touched by the honesty and intrigue of the song. The story of escaping to an oasis-like London for a cathartic release is one that many can relate to and only adds to the already stunning charm of the song.

Raised in New York City, Jane Honor began singing at the early age of eight years old. When she was 18, Honor moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion and study the music industry and songwriting at USC Thornton School of Music. She has performed at venues such as The Berklee Performance Center, Ashford and Simpson's Sugar Bar, Prohibition, and the world-famous Apollo Theater. Honor writes most of her own songs, with some music being produced by Jed Elliot of The Struts. Jane Honor's magnificent style is a genius combination of influences like Fleetwood Mac and Regina Spektor. 

Sunset To London is available to stream or download now on all platforms.

Mrs. HENRY: Peace, Love, Rock N Roll Friday, 13 August 2021 18:39 by madseason
Mrs. Henry - Peace, Love, Rock N Roll

Electrifying rock and roll band Mrs. Henry has released their newest single and video, Peace, Love, Rock N Roll, from their upcoming three-part rock opera, Keep On Rising.

With an exhilarating melody and inspiring vocals, the band brings their ambitious project to its peak with a worthy rock anthem.

Peace, Love, Rock N Roll is a thrilling look into the band's upcoming masterful three-part rock opera. In what can only be described as the climax of a moving musical journey, Mrs. Henry manages to light the intoxicating flame of rock n roll in the hearts of listeners once again. This release acts as an inspirational love letter from the band to rock fans around the world. "Peace, Love, Rock N Roll is an evolution from a song to a modern-day rock anthem, reminding us that we are all one," the band explains. "It is the encore and final song of our three-act Rock Opera; this is our hero's send-off as they finally embrace individuality, a salvation through self, and an uplifting message of unity found in hope."

The talented group achieves this goal beautifully with a unifying track that iconically marries the musical talents of all four band members. A mesmerizing rock melody demands the attention of listeners while their lyrical prowess imbues the band's message of unity and expression within the rock community. The single was produced by Daniel Cervantes, recorded and engineered by Jason Soda at Palomino Sound and Jordan Andreen at Big Fish Recording Studio, mixed by Steven Kaye at Sunking Studios, and mastered by Joe Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

The music video acts as an ingenious supplement to the song and amplifies its tone and message. Directed by bassist Blake Dean, the accompanying music video shows rock music bringing fans together in a playful religious manner as they all worship at the altar of rock n roll. While listening to the song in their church pews, it’s quite easy to feel the tone through the power of the vocals and melody, but the video successfully captures the very essence of the song and its unifying message. When the band finally arrives, the fans ecstatically rejoice.

Blazing musicianship, exuberant harmonies, and propulsive grooves: San Diego, CA based Mrs. Henry is a hard-hitting rock and roll band, a quartet of singular spirits on a shared journey, paying homage to a historical legacy as they introduce a new chapter in American roots music. The band comprises guitarist Daniel Cervantes, bassist Blake Dean, drummer Chad Lee, and keyboardist Jody Bagley, all of whom also contribute with their vocal talents as lead singers. The group is known for its electrifying live performances and artistic creativity. After being primed for a global tour that was canceled due to the pandemic, Mrs. Henry refused to give up and instead created a multi-media web series called The Medicine Show. The show transformed the members into on-screen sock puppets and included live performances from the band as well as their Blind Owl label mates, a San Diego record label started by Cervantes.

Stream/buy Peace, Love, Rock N Roll on your favorite digital music service and watch the official video for the song clicking on the image.

MIGRANT MOTEL: Sweat Friday, 23 July 2021 18:03 by madseason
Migrant Motel - Sweat

Alternative Rock duo Migrant Motel combines modern rock sounds with contemporary production techniques into a blend that is unique yet familiar. They have steadily released music since 2017, with 10 singles and an album in their catalog so far. The band has started making in-roads into the growing Blended Cultural youth movement in North America.

Tapped as the future of Bi-Lingual Rock by Rolling Stone, they will be making a headlining appearance on the BMI stage at the 30th anniversary Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago on Thursday, July 29. To bolster that appearance, they are releasing new single and video Sweat today, July 23.

On making this big leap career-wise with the featured performance at Lollapalooza, the band's Chava Ilizaliturri says "Getting asked to play Lolla this year is absolutely insane! It'll be our first time at a big festival and to be given the opportunity to close the BMI stage on the first day - let alone play at all, is an incredible honor. It feels like we've been building the history of Migrant Motel for a while and now is the first time it's mixing in with the history of Rock N' Roll. From now on, we'll always be on the bill for the 1st Lollapalooza after Covid… It's a dream come true". 

In speaking about the inspiration for new track Sweat, MM's David Stewart, Jr. explains "This song is honestly just about feeling bad ass; everything from the groove, the lyrics, the production - it's all focused on making the listener feel like they're on top of the world. We wanted to give a feeling of being "untouchable": Having complete dominion over a situation, leading us to cheekily say 'C'mon, AT LEAST make me sweat while I beat you!'"

Stream/buy Sweat on your favorite digital music service and watch the official video for the song clicking on the image.