AS STRANGE AS ANGELS: Miracle Monday, 22 July 2019 21:18 by madseason
As Strange As Angels - Miracle

As Strange As Angels -the passion project of former Murder FM front man Norman Matthew- have released a new single and video Miracle as a follow up to their Top 40 Active Rock track Mirror Mirror (from last April's EP of the same name).

The song was co-written and produced by Sahaj Ticotin (Ra, Motley Cure, Starset, Sevendust, Meytal).

Norman says of Miracle: "Coming off the success of Mirror Mirror, the bar has been set and the pressure is high for the forthcoming single and video Miracle. Up to this point, Mirror Mirror was by far, the biggest evolution for me musically, lyrically, melodically and spiritually. I connected my soul to the song in ways I never thought I could. Miracle as a song, has a heavy and dark elegance to it. Video director Michael Carter and I wanted to bring the story and vibe of the song to life. Miracle taps into my own feelings of love -of searching for and waiting on my Miracle partner to arrive.

Miracle is an Alternative Rock anthem with a soul, addictive and emotional like everything Mr. Ticotin is involved in.

Watch the video for Miracle clicking on the image and buy/stream the song on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.

ROYAL TEETH: Hard Luck Saturday, 20 July 2019 15:03 by madseason
Royal Teeth - Hard Luck

American indie pop rockers Royal Teeth released their sophomore album Hard Luck at the end of last month, via Round Hill Records. The record marks the band's long overdue comeback to indie rock, with a progression in their sound that exudes energy and conviction.

No stranger to the ups and downs of the music industry, they're signed to their third label in just over six years. "There were days where I just accepted that this was probably going to be over soon," vocalist Gary Larsen recalls. "Something finally switched inside of me. I decided that if we are going down, then we are going down swinging."

Feeling inspired to create new songs with a new fresh sound, the quartet whole-heartedly decided it was worth a return to the music scene.

Never Gonna Quit, the first single, serves as a mission statement for the album, boasting loudly the ability to take a shot to the chin and continue pushing forward. Thrashing, punk-inspired The Best takes on a tongue-in-cheek response to the cutthroat nature of the industry, and Rivalry shows a deep seeded desire for both self-discovery and acceptance, stating "I just want to feel like I belong to myself, to anyone."

"It is easy for me to lose confidence in myself," Gary states. "This line of work can be difficult. It requires you to be vulnerable and put yourself out there to be judged by others. It's hard to get used to. We are using this album as a platform to face our fears, and to focus on the love we find through the music we create and those who connect along the way. I hope that this album gives strength to anyone who has a hard time putting themselves out there for the world to see."

Hard Luck is available on your favorite digital music service: check this amazing album out now cliking on the image.

GREEK FIRE: Broken Friday, 12 July 2019 21:45 by madseason
Greek Fire - I Do

BROKEN is the title of the brand new album from St. Louis, Missouri, Alternative Rock band Greek Fire. It's released today, July 12, via WITHYN Records, after quite some troubles, due to, the site that Greek Fire did their album pre-order with, suspended operations.

"PledgeMusic failures... when they went down caught us all off guard and by surprise. Artists And Fans alike got really screwed. It took a lot of money, time and effort from us that we can't get back. BUT, getting our music to you was and is the most important thing. That being said; as soon as that happened we put our nose to the grindstone to make a way to get you new music as fast as possible. So here it is" said the band, adding "BROKEN is for anyone who has been crushed. It's for everyone that has truly been to the bottom. This is a record for the broken-hearted. For anyone that has been to the deepest valleys of pain all the while knowing that you can AND WILL climb to an even higher mountain than before. BROKEN is so special to us. We are BROKEN as we mourn the loss of our dear friend, producer and engineer Matthew Amelung. He has been truly instrumental in everything Greek Fire and we miss him more than words can describe."

BROKEN is an totally awesome album of modern alternative rock, full of energy, hooks and attitude: stream it now on Spotify and watch the video for the new single I Do clicking on the image.

KONGOS: Western Fog Tuesday, 9 July 2019 21:15 by madseason
KONGOS - Western Fog

weChameleon's aficionados may remember my post about South African alternative rockers KONGOS at the beginning of the year. The post presented 1929: Part 1, the first album of a trilogy whose second chapter is anticipated today by the release of the new single Western Fog.

With drums and bass that feel straight out of The Breakfast Club, and a guitar/vocal combo that emits refreshing, 90's alternative air, Western Fog bridges two decades together in three and a half minutes.

Lyricwise, the new single focuses on internal conflict. "Western Fog is about the unforgiving heaviness we feel at certain times in our lives," writer Dylan Kongos explains. "Learning how to truly love and sharing that with someone in need, can lift us out of the mire."

Western Fog is now available worldwide on all digital platforms (click on the image).

1929: Part 2 is set to be released on October 1, 2019. On the same day, the band will kick off their fall tour: check the dates on the band's website.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the band launched an 8-part documentary series, Bus Call - Life On Tour, which follows their story and gives a compelling and realistic window into life on tour. And, Bus Call is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video! Go check it out.

KALEIDO: Pretending Saturday, 29 June 2019 14:16 by madseason
Kaleido - Pretending

Detroit Rock veterans Kaleido have released a new single and video Pretending, an emotional and empowering song about mental health issues.

The song was co-produced with Michael Martenson & Jake Cemer (Boys Of Fall).

Singer Christina Chriss says of Pretending: "The only thing harder than the actual internal battle with anxiety, depression or addiction is faking a smile and pretending you’re fine on the outside. Especially after you’ve gathered the courage to speak up and someone tells you to “get over it”. I want you to know, it’s okay to not be okay; It’s okay to talk about it and it’s okay to reach out for help. Through my own struggles I wrote this song and I hope that it reaches everyone who has ever felt this way and needs to hear it: 'ITS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY SOMETIMES'."

Pretending is the first single off of the upcoming new EP NO RLY...IM FINE, to be released on July 19.

Watch the video for Pretending now clicking on the image.

CRIMSON APPLE: Somebody Saturday, 22 June 2019 19:26 by madseason
Crimson Apple - Somebody

Made up of four sisters (Colby, Shelby, Carthi and Faith Benson), Crimson Apple has built up quite a buzz over the past year. Following their move from Hawaii to LA, they signed with Amuse Group (Perfume, BABYMETAL, and ONE OK ROCK), have opened for artists like All Time Low, One Republic and Switchfoot and have also earned nominations for Alternative Album of the Year, Most Promising Artist of the Year, and Group of the Year at the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards–Hawaii’s equivalent of the Grammys.

The group has spent the first part of 2019 on the High School Nation Tour while putting out singles from their new EP, Somebody, released last June 7.

Drawing inspiration from pop-driven artists like Paramore, Halsey and Panic! at the Disco, Crimson Apple provides a refreshing entry into the alt-pop genre. Somebody is defined by the dark seductive nature of lead singer, Colby Benson's vocals, backed by a definitive pop-rock edge from her three sisters, Shelby (guitar), Carthi (bass), and Faith (drums).

The bold new EP prominently displays Crimson Apple's unique ability to fuse multiple genres to create their own sound. Somebody was produced by the Benson sisters with help from well-respected industry producers on different songs: Satoru Hiraide worked on Somebody and Who Knows, LYRE (Betty Who) on Can't Get Out Of Bed, Shower, and Sorry Now, Damon Sharpe (Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez) on Who Knows, while Florian Reutter (Christina Aguilera) produced Mr. Maker.

Watch the video for the latest single and title-track Somebody clicking on the image and stream/buy the Somebody EP on your favourite digital music outlet.

POP ETC: All The Wrong Places Saturday, 8 June 2019 14:40 by madseason
POP ETC - All The Wrong Places

A quick one to let you know that POP ETC have released their new single All The Wrong Places.

The band's first song in over eight months finds POP ETC, comprised of Chris Chu, Jon Chu and Julian Harmon, taking a grittier approach with a song about searching for answers, love, & fulfillment in all the wrong places.

It's another awesome track from the Brooklyn-based trio, with 80's influenctions and a modern vibe... think of a mix between Howard Jones and Foster The People.

Listen to/buy All The Wrong Places on your favorite music service.

THE ASTRONOTS: El Dorado Friday, 7 June 2019 22:32 by madseason
The Astronots - El Dorado

The Astronots are an American rock band inspired by by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Alabama Shakes and Kings Of Leon.

The Astronots are spearheaded by its founding members, Niko Giaimo (Vocals/Guitar) and Allee Futterer (Vocals/Bass). The two are established musicians in their own right. Futterer has had years of cutting her musical teeth, backing some of the biggest names in the Los Angeles music scene, while Giaimo was an integral member of the scoring team behind productions such as Dexter and Dishonored II. The two come together on The Astronots, combining elements of their quintessential Los Angeles upbringing, classic rock, and west-coast cool. Now completed by guitarist Eddie Campbell, the group continues to wow audiences across the nation.

The Astronots have recently released El Dorado, their new single, an anticipation of their upcoming new album Cotati.

El Dorado showcases the band's signature sound of rawkus rock'n'roll with vibrating soundscapes and raspy vocals.

Watch the video for El Dorado clicking on the image.