RIVALS: Lavenders Saturday, 7 November 2020 16:14 by madseason
RIVALS - Lavenders (Official Music Video)

"It's been a year now since we've released new music, some of ya'll even asked if we were still a band, the answer is YES we are. We haven't spent the last 6 years of our lives to give up this easily on something we've bled over, we've fought for and we've given our lives for. Although the world is a crazy place right now, touring is nonexistent, music is slowly changing to something different. We thought it was time to finally start the releasing process, it was time to show ya'll what we've spent the last 3 years working on since Damned Soul."

The new single from Los Angeles dark pop-rockers RIVALS is titled Lavenders and is just been released. Check the official video clicking on the image.