LONE KODIAK: Bones Saturday, 14 November 2020 21:00 by madseason

Indie-rock trio Lone Kodiak has released their newest electrifying single, Bones. The song delivers a nostalgic message about life, love, and loss that listeners can relate to with sweeping electric guitar, cinematic drums, and haunting vocals.

The band explains that the process of writing this track was just as mesmerizing as the song itself: "Bones was a happy, happy accident. We were experimenting with intros for our live set; we took one of our previous songs, slowed it down, and reversed it (which is what you'll hear at the beginning). We were totally captivated by this melody we kept hearing, and two hours later, we had a new song. I think our best songs are ones that just kind of come together naturally without a ton of interference from us."

Bones delivers an emotional and intimate impact that will leave listeners wanting more: a stunning track that hints at what's to come.

Bones is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

LONE KODIAK: PDX ‘97 Monday, 21 September 2020 14:10 by madseason
 Lone Kodiak - PDX ‘97

Rock trio Lone Kodiak has released their newest exhilarating single, PDX '97. The indie-rock single chronicles the emotional rollercoaster and true story of love and teenage runaways with sentimental lyrics, captivating storytelling, and a powerful driving beat.

The rock trio composed of Dainéal Parker, Daniel Alden, and Joshua Harris delivers an anthemic and cinematic track produced by Kyle Mangels, reflecting on lead vocalist Dainéal Parker’s young love story.

"This is the true story of one teenage runaway falling in love with another on the streets of Portland, OR., in the late 90s,” Parker explains. “I normally shy away from writing anything too personal or plainly autobiographical, but the vibe of this song just took me right back to those hot days and cold nights I spent wrapped around the finger of a girl, and our summer trying to find couches to crash on but often settling for cardboard.”

Lone Kodiak brings a vast and atmospheric sound, blended with intimate and heartfelt storytelling depicting head over heels love and the unpredictable adventure of a teenage love story.

PDX '97 is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.