WINTERBOURNE: Act Of Disappearing Friday, 17 November 2023 12:45 by madseason
Winterbourne - Act Of Disappearing

Indie-rockers Winterbourne are releasing their new album Act Of Disappearing today on Island Records Australia.

The band's own words about the new release: "Second albums are notoriously difficult things, and I think the reason goes far beyond weight of expectation. In our case the second album has been a difficult thing to wrap our heads around because of the crazy amount of freedom it has offered us. For Echo Of Youth we tried to sum ourselves up as a band as much as we could in 12 songs. Our entire music making career until then had been geared towards the creation of our debut album, and once that was accomplished we found ourselves with all the time in the world and an opportunity to do just about anything we wanted to - an exciting and daunting prospect."

"This album ended up coming together extremely naturally. Many of the songs have been floating around for years, and what songs we still needed we were able to create by our tried and true method of getting in a room together and making sounds. Perhaps the thing that aided our process the most was our commitment to the setting of Angelo - a fictional place that embodies the nonsense of the real world. Placing the songs within this world allowed us to explore them from an objective point of view, and also gave them all some common ground so they could connect musically. Angelo became the home of Ally and Daniel, the star-cross’d lovers around which the narrative of the album could develop. We were able to put our thoughts, feelings and questions into those characters and see what they could do with them, which freed us up to write the music while they dealt with the heavy stuff."

Overall, Act Of Disappearing is a journey towards understanding, oscillating between reality and fantasy, balancing on the edge of chaos through the masquerade of life and towards the truth within it."