BOYCE AVENUE: Oceans Away Sunday, 24 March 2024 13:29 by madseason
Boyce Avenue - Oceans Away

Boyce Avenue, the renowned band of brothers celebrated for their captivating acoustic covers, have unveiled their most recent interpretation of the popular song Oceans Away by A R I Z O N A. This alluring performance stands as proof of the trio's outstanding musical skill.
Oceans Away is now available to stream and download on all platforms, and the corresponding video is out today, Sunday, March 24th on YouTube.

"Oceans Away by A R I Z O N A is a powerful anthem with lyrics and an emotive melody that speaks to the universal experience of long-distance relationships. We chose to cover this song because it allows us to convey its raw emotion in our own unique style," shared the band in a statement. Boyce Avenue's take on Oceans Away features the group's gentle vocals, optimistic acoustic allure, calming melodies, and soothing guitar strings, creating a unique perspective of the beloved track. The band's meticulous artistry and unwavering commitment illuminate each note, presenting their elaborate rendition of the track. This highlights their versatility and skill in reimagining familiar songs with a distinctive flair. Boyce Avenue's rendition of Oceans Away promises to enchant listeners and reinforce their standing as innovators in the realm of acoustic music. This track was produced by Boyce Avenue and edited, mixed, and mastered by Boyce Avenue and Adam Barber.

Boyce Avenue is an American band formed in Sarasota, Florida, by brothers Alejandro Manzano, Daniel Manzano, and Fabian Manzano. They are the most viewed independent band in the world (Guinness Book of World Records). Their extensive repertoire features collaborations with notable actors, influencers, and musicians such as Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Bea Miller (X-Factor), Fifth Harmony, and Connie Talbot (Britain's Got Talent). Beyond studio recordings, the band's impact extends to live performances, where they've achieved remarkable success. Boyce Avenue has headlined concerts in over 20 countries, thrilling sold-out audiences at prestigious venues like the Royal Albert Hall and Araneta Coliseum, reaffirming their enduring popularity and influence in the music industry. They've championed press from outlets like Billboard, NME, and Variety.

Join Boyce Avenue on their journey to continue releasing biweekly acoustic covers of influential artists. Keep up to date with Boyce Avenue via their website, Instagram @boyceavenue, and TikTok @boyceavenuetiktok.