ZAYDE WØLF's Modern Alchemy Tuesday, 3 July 2018 23:43 by madseason
Zayde Wølf - Modern Alchemy

Alternative pop-rocker Dustin Burnett released Zayde Wølf's new album Modern Alchemy last June 8.

Modern Alchemy was preceded by a handful of great singles, such as the already covered Gladiator and Rule The World.

Dustin presented his new full-length album to his followers with these words: "Modern Alchemy is about pushing yourself into something greater than where you came from or how people may have defined you. I've got a head full of dreams, guided by love and everything good this world has to offer. This album is my modern alchemy."

If you're into Imagine Dragons, Bastille, OneRepublic, X Ambassadors, The Neighbourhood, Modern Alchemy is for you: stream/buy it clicking on the image.

CZARINA: a dark star on the rise Saturday, 30 June 2018 15:06 by madseason
CZARINA - Silence & Surrender

Dark synth-pop musician CZARINA (aka Vero Faye) has released her debut single, Silence & Surrender, from her forthcoming album, Painted Holograms.

Accompanied by atmospheric 80's style synth, CZARINA's smoky and powerful vocals spin a cinematic tale filled with seduction, melodrama and heroism that transports her audience into the middle of a John Carpenter film.
CZARINA wrote, composed, arranged and performed Silence & Surrender, and tapped producer Joe Peretore to lead the production, synth, and sound designs.

Silence & Surrender echoes of Eurythmics strongest moments, Lisa Dalbello's most accessible songs and cult band Device's luscious synth-wave rock.
Stream/buy Silence & Surrender now clicking on the image.

On a curious note, before CZARINA, Vero Faye spent her time as the full time creative director and founder of the famed footwear and accessory brand, IVY KIRZHNER NEW YORK. With a design aesthetic true to her own notoriously unapologetic rock-and-roll persona, her footwear collection became a global success, with a long list of celebrity clientele including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Kesha, Lily Collins, Cassie, Jamie Chung and Tori Kelly.

Pulling Teeth: first LP for CITY OF THE WEAK Wednesday, 27 June 2018 19:29 by madseason
City Of The Weak - Not This Time

City Of The Weak are an exciting female-fronted modern rock band from Minneapolis.

Their first full-length album Pulling Teeth, produced by Chiodos vocalist Craig Owens, was released last Friday, June 22.

City Of The Weak's sound combines catchy pop melodies with aggressive guitar riffs and moving bass lines to create a genre of its own.

Pulling Teeth includes previous singles Censor This and Ungrateful, and the new one, Not This Time: watch the video clicking on the image and stream the whole album on Spotify.

DON VEDDA: hot nights in San Diego Sunday, 24 June 2018 18:30 by madseason
Don Vedda - I Don't Mind

I already covered San Diego, California, vocalist/guitarist Don Vedda, last year, when he released his single Hell Of A Night.

A couple of weeks ago Don unleashed the full-length album of the same name, featuring the aforementioned title-track, alongside 9 modern melodic rock songs that will appeal to all fans of catchy upbeat music with haunting hooks and melodies.

The album was independently released through Don's label Vedda Records and produced by Kris Crummett and Brian Grider.

Stream Hell Of A Night on Spotify and watch the video for the new single I Don't Mind clicking on the image.

ANDY ELLIS steps up to The Edge Of The Earth Wednesday, 20 June 2018 22:35 by madseason
Andy Ellis - Wasteland (Where's All The Money)

Andy Ellis isn't a new name at all, as he's been a member of Black Lab for 18 years.

Recently Andy was overtaken by a new inspiration, a calling to step up that translated in a solo album, titled Sunshine At The Edge Of The Earth, that the Los Angels artist wrote, performed, produced, recorded & mixed by himself. 

"This brilliant piece of synthpop involves everything he's good at - writing, playing, programming, producing and mixing - as well as his excellent new vocals" said Andy's music partner in Black Lab, Paul Durham, commenting SATEOTH.

Check this jewel out now on BandCamp and watch the lyric video for the first single Wasteland (Where's All The Money) clicking on the image.

The Legacy of the THE PROTEST Saturday, 16 June 2018 19:35 by madseason
The Protest - What Else You Got

Even though they hail from rural Indiana, known more for cornfields than as a "Hot Bed" for Hard Rock and Metal music - the members of The Protest have embraced that American heartland work ethic and used their talent, drive and determination to bring the band's music to a global audience.

Positive energy is abundant in their live shows and is showcased in the new album Legacy, due out July 13th on Rockfest Records/Sony.

Their new single What Else You Got is a fist pumping anthem about never backing down and fighting on despite adversity. Check the video now clicking on the image.

AERIALS are back Drawing Blood Tuesday, 12 June 2018 21:54 by madseason
Aerials - Drawing Blood

I'm happy to report that Brisbane, Australia, amazing alternative rock band Aerials has a brand new song out.

It's titled Drawing Blood and it's their hardest hitting single to-date.

The boys recently teamed up with producer-duo Clint Vincent and Luke Palmer from rock heavyweights Dead Letter Circus, to record Drawing Blood. After months of hashing out demos in pre-production, the band settled on Drawing Blood as the first release of the new batch on the basis that it represented a new heavier direction for the band. The track morphed its way through five different versions, as the band explored new sonic territory and attempted to harness the energy of the song's lyrical theme - overwhelming regret.

Drawing Blood was digitally released last Friday, June 8, and it's a kick-ass song you simply can't miss. Watch the official video now clicking on the image.

AVIATORS: Let There Be Fire Saturday, 9 June 2018 14:55 by madseason
Aviators, Let There Be Fire

Independent one-man band Aviators has a brand new album out: titled Let There Be Fire, it was released last May 25.

Let There Be Fire is a fantasy rock experience based on some of Aviators' own favorite journeys through imaginative worlds such as Dark Souls, Star Wars, and Game Of Thrones.

Ranging from orchestral rock to contemplative synthpop, the album places you in a world of ice and darkness and promises hope that one day, at the end of our adventure, fire will rise again.

Fans of Aviators already know this is a mandatory listening. For all the others, please check the new opus of this fantastic cinematic rock/retrowave master clicking on the image.