DOG DRIVE MANTIS: Volta Saturday, 14 September 2019 12:03 by madseason
Dog Drive Mantis - Volta

Something different this time: Dog Drive Mantis are an instrumental indie rock band based in Toronto, and they just released their new music video Volta, a fluid and expressive track inspired by the imagery of a lighthouse.

The rich, full-bodied sound of Dog Drive Mantis comes from a blend of influences from surrounding genres: they bring together the colorful textures and moody, poetic melodies of progressive indie post-rock with the vibrant horn-driven sparkle of jazz fusion.

"Volta was inspired by the imagery of a lighthouse on a desolate shore where the surrounding waters begin calm but quickly turn frenetic and frantic, working its way up to a cascading storm that reaches a breaking point before returning to a disoriented but calm state" said bassist Carmen Haines, adding "The music reflects all of these changes that the imaginary setting experiences. Beginning and ending with a droning pulse that mimics the swirling glow emitted from the lighthouse."

As Dog Drive Mantis are not an easy band to pigeonhole, you better watch the video for Volta now clicking on the image and judge by yourselves.

For me, it's two thumbs up, and I can't wait to listen to more new stuff from this original act.