THE BAND CAMINO: tryhard Friday, 6 September 2019 22:14 by madseason
The Band CAMINO - tryhard

Nashville-based alt-rock act The Band CAMINO released their Elektra Records debut EP tryhard last August 23.

About the title of the album, the band commented: "Somewhere along the way people have called us 'try-hards'. People thinking we took ourselves too seriously or were trying to be something we weren't. Of course we're try hards. Of course we want to create something bigger than ourselves. People often use "try hard" in a derogatory sense, but we'd rather own the fact that we've given every ounce of ourselves to making this music."

"tryhard is Graham Rowell. tryhard is Spencer Stewart. tryhard is Garrison Burgess. tryhard is Jeffery Jordan. tryhard is our manager Jameson Roper. tryhard is our producer Jordan Schmidt. tryhard is every person who has poured into us and believed in us along the way. tryhard is bigger than any one person and we hope this EP represents a TRUE band, a true collaborative work of art that finds you on your good days and bad and hopefully makes you feel a little bit more understood somehow."

tryhard marks The Band CAMINO's transition from alt-rock's next big thing to alt-rock's new big thing. It's a fresh, modern, awesome record that I urge you to check out on your favorite digital music service.