HALFLIVES: V Friday, 2 July 2021 18:30 by madseason
Halflives - Valkyrie

Paris based band Halflives have released today their new EP V.

V is Linda Battilani's Vision; a story of obsession, hurt, revenge and feeling left out, told through unfiltered lyrics, dark atmospheres tinted with macabre imagery. The title V hints on a story told through five tracks (V in roman numbers), all of which start with the V letter. Strongly inspired by TV and film and adapted into real life experiences, V paints the inner fight between letting go and being a slave to one's feelings.

Immensely passionate and slightly irrational on Victim, Villain and V (Psycho), V confesses a toxic obsession for someone or something, who doesn't love you back after all, and merely takes everything good from you, leaving you as an empty shell.

Lashing out and letting go on Vibe and Valkyrie, oppression gives way to a new-found confidence and self-esteem during moments of clarity, realising you're actually worth something regardless of everyone else's opinion of you. These tracks explore the process of learning to fit in, and perhaps finding out that you don't, but being okay with it. It's an anthem for the weirdos, the rejects and the misfits.

"Victim is about the obsessive feeling that you develop towards someone or something that you can't have. Despite the fact that you know it's bad for you, you always find reasons to keep pushing to the point that it consumes you. Even if you're not given anything to feed on, every detail is an excuse to hang on and you find pleasure in a sort of morbid excitement.

The music video highlights how you can find yourself being used by someone and do nothing about it, and the blood represents the suffering that comes with it. The fact that I'm the only character throughout symbolises how I'm the only one who could do something about it… but I can't" says Linda.

Singer/songwriter Linda Battilani not only wrote all of the songs, but also assumed an integral role in the EP's production. Additional production, mixing and mastering were done by Elliot Polokoff (Cemetery Sun) on all tracks except Villain which was produced and mixed by Nick Goncalves (8 Graves).

On this record, Halflives return to an anthemic rock sound inspired by the modern revival of the genre, spiced up with trap elements that have increasingly been a part of the band's sound over the years. Unapologetic and outspoken, the record is designed to be a vessel for those who have something to say and can't find the words or the way to speak out.

Stream/buy on your favorite digital music service and watch the official video for the new single Valkyrie clicking on the image.

The new life of HALFLIVES Monday, 12 September 2016 15:12 by madseason
Halflives - Mayday

Halflives is an Italian alternative rock band from Modena, home of the Zampone.

Raised from the ashes of the band Over (that's definitely over now), Halflives spent the past twelve months writing catchy, passionate and efficient songs now ready to be released as the band's debut album.

Empowered by the strong and clear voice of their singer Linda Battilani and the solid driving of four talented musicians, Halflives have built a loyal fanbase all over Europe and the UK, that is now highly expecting them with their new material.

Halflives is one of the few Italian alternative rock bands that sounds convincing to my ears. Watch the just released official video for their first single Mayday clicking on the image and expect more news about this much promising act.