HIGH STREET: Bad Blood Friday, 15 October 2021 19:20 by madseason
High Street - Bad Blood

Hard rock band High Street has released their newest single, Bad Blood. The heavy guitar-driven track fuses elements of 80s and 90s hard rock with a modern twist, giving the song its unique edge.

As with all of their music, Bad Blood delivers a compelling message. This song is about exiting a rocky relationship on a healthy note in spite of the heated emotions that may have surfaced. The single is another superb offering alongside their West Coast Revival Tour.

As the band makes their way through California, Arizona, and Nevada in preparation for their album release, they're treating their audiences to singles that deliver more than enough reason to catch them out on the road. Laden with captivating vocals and gripping guitar, Bad Blood is now available to stream and download worldwide.

The fierce new track from High Street illustrates the departure from a relationship that veered close to being toxic. The band describes the single as "another parting of ways song, although a bit more complex.” Those complexities are aptly conveyed in the song with each layer of the guitar (Findling) drums (Nikales) and bass (Metaxas), all driven by Noxigen's exhilarating vocals. "Disappointment, acceptance, understanding, and resolution with the situation reflected in the lyrics," High Street explains. The deliberate intention behind each note is emphasized by the blues-influenced instrumentation that makes this song stand out as a rarity in the genre.

Stream/download Bad Blood and watch the official video for the song clicking on the image.