WILD GIANTS: Why Aren't We Freaking Out? Friday, 22 October 2021 13:41 by madseason
Wild Giants - Why Aren't We Freaking Out

Rock band Wild Giants dropped their new single "Why Aren't We Freaking Out?" a thought-provoking anthem that makes listeners stop and think about the acknowledgment of aliens. With constantly changing news cycles, some major news events do not get the attention they may deserve. Why Aren't We Freaking Out? brings attention to a topic that we may need to be freaking out about.

With heavy guitars and strong vocals, Why Aren't We Freaking Out? brings the listener on a musical journey that blends between science fiction and current news. Lead singer Austin Walashek took inspiration for this song from his own interest in sci-fi and conspiracy-related events. He calls this single his "best piece of work" so far. As the song transitions from a single guitar to a frenzy of instruments captivated by a controlled yet chaotic guitar solo, listeners get a taste of what the band was freaking out about in music form.

"The day the Pentagon opened the lid on UFOs by publicly confirming their existence and alien origins, I assumed the world as we knew it would be changed forever," says Walashek. Wild Giants reminds us that it is okay to take some time to "freak out" about some things that deserve more headlines.

The combination of Walashek on vocals and guitar, Lyman Lipke on bass, Todd Flaming on guitar, and Corey Batorski on drums, meshes perfectly. Their synchronicity allows listeners an experience to absorb the music itself along with the unique content in the lyrics as well. "The revelation was seemingly swept under the rug by the general public, but I couldn't keep my mind off of it… I kept asking myself, 'why aren't we freaking out,'" he explained, "I channeled my inner Tom Delonge for this track in hopes of bringing the spotlight back on the subject."

Produced by Dan Parker, Why Aren't We Freaking Out? is the third single off of the group's forthcoming EP, "Hey There, Slow Down, Help Me" and is available now to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide. Check the accompanying clicking on the image.