Shallow Side - Saints & Sinners

Alabama rockers Shallow Side release their new album Saints & Sinners through Thermal Entertainment LLC today, March 29, 2019.

Saints & Sinners is the band's first full album release: after releasing 3 EPs over the past 6 years, and the radio success of Rebel, Renegade (Styx cover) and Can You Hear Me off their 2017's One EP, the time was now.
Saints & Sinners was produced by rock and metal giant Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Incubus, Alter Bridge, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, Slash) and recorded in Orlando, FL at his Barbarosa studio.

The band found the right fit with working with Baskette to really bring out their sound: "Recording with Elvis was an experience all in itself. Growing up, I was listening to records that shaped and molded me individually as an artist and he had his hands in almost every single one of them it seems. It was a journey recording Saints & Sinners and I believe the songs truly capture where we were and express growth in music, as well as experiences." says Heath Fields (drummer).

Matt Daniels (bassist) added, "Artistically, it is an amazing time for us. There were so many ideas that came to light during the writing of Saints & Sinners. We had put all of our creativity and emotions into a pot to discover what makes a Shallow Side record; from the angelic vocals, melodic riffs, and the driving rhythm sections that keep the beat bumping. This is something that accurately represents where we are as a band and our growth together."

Seth Trimble (guitarist) expressed, "I honestly wasn't as excited for my own birth as I am for this album. I've never had a better sense of pride than when we hit that playback button at the end of the day and got to explore this beautiful soundscape that we created together."

All in all, Saints & Sinners is a strong record, full of energetic songs with strong melodies, emotional and powerful vocals, driving rhythms. One you can't miss, if mature modern rock is your credo.

Stream Saints & Sinners on Spotify now, clicking on the image.

eve to adam - straitjacket supermodel

New York City-based rockers Eve To Adam are finalizing the details for their new studio album with famed producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette. The successor of "Banquet For A Starving Dog", the album that put ETA on the map, will be released later in the year.

Meanwhile the band is sharing a new song called "Straitjacket Supermodel": "The song was inspired by the TV show "Dexter". We wrote a song that we envisioned would play in Dexter's head as he prepares to kill. The song is still ETA, but with a more modern edge. It’s EVE TO ADAM 2.0." Told singer Taki to Loudwire recently.

Head on SoundCloud now to stream "Straitjacket Supermodel" and if you like it, buy it on iTunes starting this coming Tuesday.

STORY OF THE YEAR - THE CONSTANT Friday, 26 February 2010 22:37 by madseason

story of the year the constant front cover

  • Release Date: 16 Febbraio 2010
  • Etichetta: Epitaph Records
  • Produttore: Michael "Elvis" Baskette


  • Dan Marsala - vocals
  • Ryan Phillips - guitar
  • Philip Sneed - guitar, vocals
  • Adam Russell - bass, vocals
  • Josh Wills - drums, percussion

[voto: 2.5]

Non sono mai stato un fan degli Story Of The Year e del loro emo/post-hardcore alla Thrice, The Used, Breaking Benjamin e simili. Li ho sempre trovati poco originali ed eccessivamente ripetitivi; con le loro scariche di chitarre alternate a refrain ruffiani e derivativi e un'attitudine da rocker senza compromessi un po' posticcia, li trovo più adatti a ragazzini facilmente impressionabili che ad appassionati di rock navigati.

"The Constant", il loro nuovo album, prodotto in maniera ineccepibile dall'esperto Michael Baskette, non mi sembra che cambi le carte in tavola in maniera sostanziale: qualche pezzo tirato con aperture su chorus da "pugno al cielo" -"To The Burial" e "Time Goes On" i meglio riusciti- qualche altro più aggressivo -"Won Threw Ate", ad esempio- un paio di numeri più melodici -tipo "The Ghost Of You And I", che potrebbe funzionare come singolo per le radio rock- una power ballad pianistica anni '80 -"Holding On To You"- e il gioco degli SotY è fatto.

Insomma, anche con questo lavoro Dan Marsala e soci dimostrano di essere un gruppo più di maniera che di creatività. E se già non vi piacevano, non sarà "The Constant" a farvi cambiare idea. I fan, invece, sanno già cosa aspettarsi e non rimarranno delusi.

Tracklist di The Constant

  • 01. The Children Sing   4:07
  • 02. The Ghost Of You And I   3:55
  • 03. I'm Alive   4:15
  • 04. To The Burial   3:48
  • 05. The Dream Is Over   3:52
  • 06. Remember A Time   4:05
  • 07. Holding On To You   3:43
  • 08. Won Threw Ate   3:44
  • 09. Ten Years Down   3:53
  • 10. Time Goes On   4:06
  • 11. Eye For An Eye   2:15

Discografia dei Story Of The Year

  • Page Avenue (2003 Maverick)
  • In The Wake Of Determination (2005 Maverick)
  • The Black Swan (2008 Epitaph Records)
  • The Constant (2010 Epitaph Records)

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