The Material - The One That Got Away

Los Angeles alt-rock band The Material will release a new EP next May 18. Titled Gray States, it marks the return to the scenes by the band after their tour in 2013.

"We're really excited about it," singer Colleen D'Agostino told Billboard, adding that "it wasn't like a big falling out or anything" that dry-docked the quintet after its last tour during 2013. "It just kind of fizzled into everyone being really burnt out. We did it for a really long time, and I remember we played the House of Blues in December of 2013 after coming off the road touring our last album. Everybody was just tired and wanted to do the holidays and chilled out, and then January rolled around and no one called the next practice. It was sad, but I think we all needed a minute."

The new EP features five tracks and is influenced by the music Colleen released as a solo artist in the last years: "I wanted to bring some of the electronic element into it because I had been doing that for the last few years," she says. "So there's a little bit of an echo of electronic stuff and vocal production and sampling in some of the songs. But as much as we first were trying to steer into a new direction, we all just love playing rock music."

Check the first single off the new EP The One That Got Away clicking on the image.

Fifth Dawn - Defying Symmetry

Fifth Dawn is an Australian band from Western Sydney, formed in November 2014 with young artists all hailing from selective performing arts and academic high schools.
The band spent time developing and refining their sound with Richie Newman of Buried In Verona who produced their debut EP The Horizon in April of 2015.

Their debut full-length album Duality was released last week, on April 27, via Dreambound Music: "This has been a journey unlike no other and we really believe we've reached incredible new heights with this one" said the band about the album.

Duality is a nicely crafted work that should appeal to fans of Evanescence and alternative hard rock with strong, almost operistic vocals courtesy of awesome singer Sam Faul.

Stream Duality on Spotify and watch the video for the leading single Defying Symmetry clicking on the image.

FOUNDING NEVERLAND in a Heartbeat Tuesday, 1 May 2018 21:45 by madseason
Founding Neverland - Heartbeat

Another interesting Finnish band here on weChameleon's columns. Founding Neverland formed in 2011 as an alternative rock/metal act. Combining frontman Juuso's engaging pop/R'n'B vocals with a massive soundscape, crushing riffs & earlier more aggressive elements, Founding Neverland has accomplished to take in the best of both worlds and mold it into a distinguishable style of their own.

The first single demonstrating a new, less heavy, more modern sound, Whole Again, was self-released in September of 2017. The song made an impact and reached fans all around the world with support from Spotify's local playlists & Discover Weekly.

The new song of this second era for the finnish band is Heartbeat, the new single released last March 23. Check the official video for Heartbeat now clicking on the image.

ZAYDE WØLF: Gladiators will Rule The World Thursday, 26 April 2018 21:09 by madseason
Zayde Wolf - Rule The World (lyric)

Cinematic alternative pop-rocker Dustin Burnett is working relentlessy on the creation of Zayde Wølf's new album. His brand new single Rule The World was released last Friday, April 20: "Whatever you're doing to create the world you want to see, let this be your anthem. Turn it up, soak it in, and own the future."

Rule The World is the follow-up single to Gladiator, which Dustin released a couple of months ago, with an accompanying video featuring wrestlers Justin D'Air, Gary Jay, Mike Outlaw, Mat Fitchett, Clint Poe and Alex Herzog.

Watch the lyric video for Rule The World clicking on the image and the proper video featuring Sofie Dossi here.

Blind Channel - Alone Against All

Heavy pop finnish band Blind Channel are releasing their new, second album Blood Brothers today, April 20, via Out Of Line Music (Rough Trade distribution).

"We've never been this firm and confident during our career and we can tell you that this album will totally be worth the wait!" wrote the band commenting the release.

The new record was produced by acclaimed Finnish producer Jonas Olsson and includes 11 tracks of infectious "violent pop" (as the band defines its music), a mix of Carpark North, 30 Seconds To Mars and Linkin Park that fans of melodic and powerful pop songs with a modern production will surely love.

Stream Blood Brothers on Spotify now and watch the video for the stadium anthem Alone Against All clicking on the image.

THE BREVET: Locked & Loaded for success Tuesday, 17 April 2018 21:03 by madseason
The Brevet - Locked & Loaded

Alternative rockers The Brevet, from Orange County, CA, have a new single out. Titled Locked & Loaded, it's the first offering from their upcoming new album Legs, to be released later in the year.

Locked & Loaded, an energetic, foot-tapping track, is a representation of the band's new sound, setting the stage for a tighter, more mature, redefined Brevet. It represents a band who, having already achieved significant commercial success, is free to be as creative as they want, driving their music in a wholly new direction.

Watch the video for Locked & Loaded clicking on the image and stay tuned for further news about Legs.

All For Love of NO SMALL CHILDREN Saturday, 14 April 2018 14:40 by madseason
No Small Children - It's All For Love (For Goodness Sake)

Another new act that deserves your full attention: elementary school teachers by day and rockers by night, LA pop-rock trio No Small Children formed on the playground while doing recess duty. They released their new single, It's All For Love (For Goodness Sake) yesterday, April 13.

"This is a track about putting one foot in front of the other during these crazy times we live in, and bringing it back to the basics" said the band about the new track.

No Small Children also have a new album, What Do The Kids Say? out May 18, featuring their song I'm So Concerned which gives their point of view on the gun control issue as three veteran teachers.

No Small Children have been recognized by the Los Angeles Times for their remake of the classic Ghostbusters theme song that can be heard in the 2016 Ghostbusters movie.

In 2017, No Small Children released the single Radio produced by the legendary Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Filter, Saliva). Radio has recently been featured on The World Famous KROQ (Los Angeles), "Rock Band Rivals" video game and in the 2018 season of the Drew Barrymore's Netflix show, Santa Clarita Diet.  A previously released song, Big Steps was also featured in the 2017 season of Santa Clarita Diet as well.

Stream or download It's All For Love (For Goodness Sake) clicking on the image.

The American Beauty of KNEE HIGH FOX Wednesday, 11 April 2018 23:40 by madseason
Knee High Fox - American Beauty

Electronic alternative rock band from Los Angeles Knee High Fox released sophomore full length studio effort Jawbreaker last March 29.

Jawbreaker has taken the band's love for electronics, beats, rhythmic rap, alternative sounds, guitars, big chorus, clever and honest lyrics, and created an experience of ups and downs.

Singer Krsy Fox has always talked about her intense passion for dark cult 90's movies like The Craft, Jawbreaker, Foxfire, Girl Interrupted and American Beauty. She wanted to capture the feeling those films gave her as a young girl within the new album.

"They always effected what has inspired me and the way I looked at visuals and excepted my crazy girl feelings, and my always being a bit of an outsider, even though I'm usually the loudest person in the room" states Krsy.

Check the video for the first single American Beauty clicking on the video and stream the whole album on Spotify.