Courage My Love - Stereo

Canadian recording artists Courage My Love have released their new, sophomore album Synesthesia last Friday, February 3, via InVogue Records.
Produced by David Bendeth (Young Guns, Tonight Alive, Art Of Dying and a million more) and recorded in Toronto at Noble Studios and Pocket Studios, Synesthesia introduces a new arsenal of sounds for the Kitchener, Ontario, based trio who have made a name for themselves and built a strong following on a number of tours across North America and Europe.

Defined as a blending of the senses where the stimulation of one sense leads to an automatic, involuntary reaction in another, like hearing in colour, Synesthesia was titled to reflect Courage My Love's newfound stylistic maturity.

On Synthesthesia, Mercedes Arn-Horn, her sister Phoenix and Brandon Lockwood approached the songwriting phase with a poppier sensibility; Phoenix taught herself synth programming which helped shape the sound of the new album: thus CML's alternative and indie influenced songs have a new, mainstream appeal that should grant the band a huge success.

Take as example of the "new" sound the singles Stereo (watch the Emma Higgins-directed video clicking on the image) and Animal Heart. Or, even better, stream the whole new album on Spotify.