THE BOXER REBELLION: Powdered Sugar Friday, 13 October 2023 23:01 by madseason
The Boxer Rebellion - Powdered Sugar

London-based indie rock band The Boxer Rebellion, consisting of Nathan Nicholson (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Andrew Smith (lead guitar), Adam Harrison (bass) and Piers Hewitt (drums), returned today with their new song and single Powdered Sugar.

Powdered Sugar marks the London-based indie-rockers' first new music in five years, following a hiatus that began after the release of their 2018 album, Ghost Alive.

Nathan Nicholson said about the new track: "This is a song about love and having the perfect partner, when your relationship is in its infancy and there's a constant adrenaline with butterflies in the stomach - the anticipation of what could be. I just wanted to try and capture some of that feeling of optimism in the lyrics."

Piers Hewitt commented: "There had been a long time since we had even been together much at all, let alone made music and played in the same room. A lot has happened since for all of us, but there is an unshakable feeling of togetherness in this band when we create something new. Recording Powdered Sugar, and other tracks this year has been almost cathartic in one sense, but also it just felt amazing to be back in a place where we can do what we love doing all together again. And with the journey we have shared up until now it also felt like the most natural thing in the world and almost as if no time had passed at all. To create new art is a joy. To do it with brothers that you love is a privilege."

The song, written and produced by the band and mixed by Sam Duckworth, will appear on their upcoming 4-track EP, which is expected to be released in early 2024.