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  • Release Date: March 30, 2010
  • Label: Doghouse Records
  • Producer: Paul Barber


  • Style: Power Pop, Pop Punk
  • Related bands: Jonas Brothers, The Click Five, Rooney, Tinted Windows


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This is the first full length for this band from Fairfax, Virginia.

Best tracks
That Kind Of Girl, What About Us, Jessie, Queen Of Broken Hearts

The Bigger Lights are a typical example of a band that, at first, seem to be the "new sensation" but, after only a few plays, you realize that their songs are overly teen oriented, sickly and lacking of any substance.
The happy power pop offered by these five young musicians is banal and simplistic though, to be honest, some refrain are ok.
They are young, but not adolescents: this leads us to be less indulgent in judging them. Let's hope that there is still a margin of growth and that the guys succeed to find the right mix of teen pop and a more mature sound.


  • Topher Talley – lead vocals
  • John Kendall Royston – guitar, piano, vocals
  • Chris McPeters – guitar, vocals
  • Dan Mineart – bass, vocals
  • Ryan Seaman – drums


  • 01. That Kind Of Girl   2:37
  • 02. Say What They'll Say   3:16
  • 03. What About Us   3:38
  • 04. Hey Summer   3:29
  • 05. Jessie   3:02
  • 06. Always   3:49
  • 07. Get Lost   3:012
  • 08. Queen Of Broken Hearts   2:56
  • 09. Skinny Jeans   3:37
  • 10. Somewhere Out There   3:40
  • 11. So Crazy   3:50


  • Third Act Story (2007 Self Produced)
  • Fiction Fever (2008 Doghouse Records)
  • The Bigger Lights (2010 Doghouse Records)

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