The American Beauty of KNEE HIGH FOX Wednesday, 11 April 2018 23:40 by madseason
Knee High Fox - American Beauty

Electronic alternative rock band from Los Angeles Knee High Fox released sophomore full length studio effort Jawbreaker last March 29.

Jawbreaker has taken the band's love for electronics, beats, rhythmic rap, alternative sounds, guitars, big chorus, clever and honest lyrics, and created an experience of ups and downs.

Singer Krsy Fox has always talked about her intense passion for dark cult 90's movies like The Craft, Jawbreaker, Foxfire, Girl Interrupted and American Beauty. She wanted to capture the feeling those films gave her as a young girl within the new album.

"They always effected what has inspired me and the way I looked at visuals and excepted my crazy girl feelings, and my always being a bit of an outsider, even though I'm usually the loudest person in the room" states Krsy.

Check the video for the first single American Beauty clicking on the video and stream the whole album on Spotify.