• Release date: March 31, 2010
  • Label: self-produced


  • Style: Pop Punk
  • Related bands: Simple Plan, Gob, Sum41, Blink182, Sugar Ray


After the very good debut in 2006, we lost tracks of this pop punk band from Jacksonville, Florida. Now, we meet them again with this new EP (download it for free at the band's official website) composed by as much as eight tracks, waiting for the album to be released.

Best tracks
2 Days, Feelin' Out Inside, Supernova, I'm Alive

I do not believe that originality is a word we may use speaking about pop punk and in this case also we are not speaking about a record destined to change this genre's history; I must say, nevertheless, that the group of songs contained in this EP is top notch and they surely rock. Let's add a very good production, even though self made, and quality arrangement and that's it.
Then, be prepared to jump and sing along "2 Days", "Stealin' Your Heart" or "Supernova", true anthems that are not lower to those of more famous bands.
The nearly hip-hop "Feeling Out Inside" and the dance remix of "Death Said", originally featured on "This Is Where You Belong", give some moments of breathing to an EP that would be otherwise too monothematic.

The Band

  • Luke Walker – vocals, bass
  • Fin Leavell – vocals, guitars
  • Chris Wilson – drums, fun



  • 01. 2 Days 3:34
  • 02. Stealin' Your Heart 3:36
  • 03. Feeling Out Inside 3:22
  • 04. So Called Life 3:47
  • 05. Supernova 3:49
  • 06. At My Service 3:35
  • 07. I'm Alive 4:04
  • 08. Death Said (Gods Paparazzi Remix) 4:29



  • This Is Where You Belong (2006 Virgin Records)
  • Believe Nothing Explore Everything EP (2010 self-produced)


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aprile 27. 2010 23:09

this is my favorite band ever. period!


Anna Ridgewell