THE SMALLEST CREATURE: one in a Million Friday, 11 November 2016 21:30 by madseason
The smallest Creature - High Low You

Do you remember my post about The smallest Creature from last August?
I covered their brilliant singles Reboot and Copenhagen and told you those tracks were to be featured on an upcoming full album.

Well, that album's arrived! It's titled Million and will be independently released next week on November 18.
In addition, the band put the album on their site and on Bandcamp a week before its official release, so you can stream it now!

And, if this is not enough, clicking on the image you can watch the brand new video for the first song on the album, titled High Low You.

If you liked TsC's previous singles, Million's going to be an easy winner for you: we're talking of 11 tracks of high quality alternative rock, with charming atmospheres and captivating melodies.

Kudos to these 3 cypriots for delivering one of the best independent album of the year!