SMOKE SEASON's old good days venerdì, 16 giugno 2017 21:54 by madseason
Smoke Season - Good Days

Indie-pop/electronic duo Smoke Season is releasing their brand new single Good Days today, June 16.

Produced and mixed by Fabian Ordorica (Goldroom), Good Days is a nostalgic summer anthem where Gabrielle Wortman's fierce vocals and Jason Rosen's guitar work are layered with bursts of saxophone from guest instrumentalist James Ragusa.

The lyrics explore self-development and the growing pains that go along with it. "We wanted to capture the bittersweet feeling of remembering times that shaped you into who you are today. Those events seem to slip by as they’re happening, but their importance becomes so clear in retrospect. To us, this is the definition of soul-shaping" said Gabrielle about the theme of the song.

Good Days is another winner in Smoke Season's catalogue: stream the single on SoundCloud and buy it on iTunes.