Sarah Petrella - Dancing With The Devil

I'm not too much into country music, but a good song is a good song, and Dancing With The Devil, the new single of Sarah Petrella, is a good one indeed.

Born and raised in Encinitas, California, Sarah Petrella has been actively experimenting with music since the young age of six, dabbling in both musicals and personal songwriting. She soon realized that the stage was her home when she performed in a country band known as "Most Wanted", where she won the CMA competition for Best Vocal Group, prior to her early teens! Her talents eventually took her to Nashville where at age sixteen, she began to record in a professional setting. While her voice and style were initially a down to earth form of country, other musicians who would come to mold the Petrella we know today, include Judy Garland, Shania Twain, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, to name a few. Her current style is reflective of a variety of inspirations that include blues, rock and country. Petrella's impeccable vocal skills echo this variety as she moves from soft and sweet to commanding and powerful in the matter of seconds. Back in Los Angeles, Petrella has tapped more into her rock roots as she graced the stage at the House of Blues, Room 5 and many more.  

Dancing With The Devil is an awesome, highly entertaining, country-rock song; it's the first single off Sarah's upcoming EP, recorded at Echo Underground Studios and produced by Dan Kalisher. Watch for it to be out later this year. Meanwhile, stream Dancing With The Devil on SoundCloud and buy it on iTunes.