Rising stars: IN DYNAMICS Wednesday, 27 July 2016 21:15 by madseason
In Dynamics - A String Of Losses

In Dynamics are one of the finest surprises of the year. The Sussex alt-rock three-piece - Beau Boulden on vocals and guitars and brothers William and Jack Wrench on bass and drums - has just released its debut full-length album that shows an impressive developement in songwriting and arrangements from the previous 2 EPs.

The album dropped last July 18, is titled Everything I See and was produced by Chris Coulter (Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman, Emp!re).

Everything I See is a great exemple of how to play intelligent, technical, dynamic music without compromising the melodic appeal and the catchiness of the songs (who said Biffy Clyro?).

"Our first two EPs have helped us understand what kind of music we want to be writing, and really where our identity lies, but we truly believe that this record shows you the band we've always wanted to be" commented the band, that self-released Everything I See: considering the high quality of the material within, I guess it won't be long until the band get signed.

Meanwhile, watch the video for the new single A String Of Losses clicking on the image and stream the whole album on Spotify. Great stuff!