RA: Not An Angel on our side Saturday, 21 March 2015 15:57 by madseason
RA - I'm Not An Angel

"I'm Not An Angel" is an excellent new song from alternative rockers Ra, that will be included in the upcoming Deluxe Edition of the Californian outfit's latest full-length studio album "Critical Mass," originally released in October 2013.
A little background on "I'm Not An Angel", straight from the mouth of band leader Sahaj Ticotin:
"After finishing Critical Mass we had 3 more unreleased songs with everyone playing on them but I had noticed that everything on the album was pretty hyped and heavy and that we didn't really do a ballad or so. When the idea of doing the deluxe version of Crit Mass came up I thought it would be good if it had one so I wrote "I'm Not An Angel" which is kinda the follow up for "On My Side". This song, like "Taken" is about death but from the perspective of the person who died. Not really sure why it came out of me but it feels real. The rest of the songs will be released with the deluxe album but since it got pushed back I wanted to get this out now. I hope you like it. Please share if you do."

Stream "I'm Not An Angel" now clicking on the image above.