Noctorius NOMY releases new single martedì, 1 agosto 2017 21:45 by madseason
Nomy - Noctorius

Patrick Marquardt, better known with his stage name Nomy, is born and raised in Ulricehamn, Sweden, with Croatian and German roots. In his early years, Nomy began with techno/trance/chipmod among other genres and put it all together in the assembly program Fastracker 2.

More and more, Nomy began to use his voice as an instrument and started after a while to create music with inspiration from Bad Religion, Lag Wagon, Dia Psalma and NoFx but also from aggressive genres such as Fear factory and Guano Apes.

Nomy is a true independent musician: as some of his songs played over 5 million times on Spotify, it is safe to say that the result of his independence and activity on the Internet has payed off.

Today Nomy finds his inspiration from bands like HIM, In Flames, Danko Jones and life in general.

Nomy's brand new single is the ultra-addictive, instantly likeable Noctorius, a song with a sound that mixes Carpark North with The Rasmus. Check it out now on Spotify or YouTube!