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Hot Pink Hangover - Wasted Girl

This is a band that will take you by storm: Hot Pink Hangover is a female-fronted four-piece rock band currently residing in Minnesota's Twin Cities.

They're aptly described by their bio as "if Lady Gaga, Han Solo, and Alfred Hitchcock were to meet and have an all night circus orgy, the result of which being a brood that is sexily satirical; a glamorous shit show; a comical and musical little posse of love children."

Hot Pink Hangover's debut EP Wasted will be released next May 19, but you can already listen to most of it on YouTube, starting from the new single/video Wasted Girl (click on the image).

Wasted features 5 catchy, energetic rock tracks that will make your head shake, your foot stomp and your fist punch no stop. Promise.