NAVARONE: explosive rock from the Netherlands Wednesday, 8 March 2017 23:01 by madseason
Navarone - Soon I'll Be Home

This is a new band to me. Navarone is a Dutch alternative rock group, formed in Nijmegen in 2008. In their early years, when performing under the name Overthrow, they caught the attention of Golden Earring, eventually leading to a series of opening acts for their shows. Golden Earring's frontman Barry Hay came up with the idea of renaming their band to The Guns Of Navarone. Even though the name was well received, the band thought the resemblance with the name Guns N' Roses was too close, so eventually they settled with the name Navarone.

After two well received studio albums, the debut A Darker Shade Of White (2012) and the sophomore Vim And Vigor (2014), the band released their third LP Oscillation last January via Rodeostar Entertainment.

Oscillation is a brilliant record of energetic rock songs and power ballads with a 70's or 80's structure and contemporary influences.

Watch the video for the leading single Soon I'll Be Home clicking on the image and stream the whole Oscillation on Spotify.