Sean Danielsen - Paralyzed

Sean Julian Danielsen is a musician and artistic painter from Los Angeles, CA, best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of American rock bands Smile Empty Soul and World Fire Brigade (with Brett Scallions of American rock band Fuel).

As a solo artist, Danielsen created one studio album and three independent EPs: the last EP is titled mind control to steal the soul was released last July 21 and reached place #3 on the iTunes singer/songwriter album chart.

The leading single from MCTSTS is Paralyzed, a song (and video) about "escaping from something, but I'd doesn’t really spell out exactly what... leaving a lot to the imagination. I think we all have things in our lives we'd like to escape, so it's definitely a relatable theme. The prison facility (Sybil Brand Institute) we shot at in Downtown LA adds a level of creepiness that I love and this video was really fun to make."

Watch the video for Paralyzed clicking on the image and stream mind control to steal the soul on Spotify.