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  • Release date: April 19, 2010
  • Label: Mercury Records
  • Producer: Rob Cavallo


  • Style: Rock, Rock'n'Roll, AOR
  • Related bands: Bruce Springsteen, Jim Steinman

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Michael Lee Aday, best known as Meat Loaf, is not a singer who needs to be introduced, it is enough to remind you that his debut album "Bat Out Of Hell" is the fifth best seller album ever in the world.

Best tracks
Peace On Earth, Los Angeloser, Like A Rose, California Isn't Big Enough, Elvis In Vegas

"Hang Cool Teddy Bear", the tenth studio album for our "meat-loaf", might catch his old fans unprepared, but this is not totally negative; actually, if the lack of beloved/hated Jim Steinman's penned songs may reduce the theatrical and dramatic side, on the other hand the final result is even more mixed.
To build the concept that holds the whole album, inspired by the homonymous short story by Kilian Kerwin, Meat Loaf has relied on both Rob Cavallo's fresh production and on a host of songwriters, both well-known and less known (like Kara DioGuardi, Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace, Justin Hawkins, Jon Foreman from Switchfoot, Jon Bon Jovi and Desmond Child), who provided songs, some of which have been already released by other artists.
The special guests' list is long as well: from Brian May to Steve Vai, from Jack Black to Hugh "House, M.D." Laurie to name a few.

James Michael, songwriter and Sixx A.M.'s lead singer, contributes to the album with "Los Angeloser" released as first single and video from HCTB; it is a semi-acoustic mid tempo song, very funny, even if it took me some time to get used to the new Meat Loaf style. On the same plane there are also "California Isn't Big Enough" and the Beastie Boys style rap of "Like A Rose".
Three songs (four, counting "Prize Fight Lover", a free mp3 bonus track) are written by Rick Brantley, a young rocker from Nashville, who already released them as a solo artist. I am sure that meeting Meat Loaf will bring him fame, since I believe that three of these tracks are very good and worthy of the Texan rocker's repertoire.
"Elvis In Vegas" is great…but may I describe it as a great song when it is practically a medley of "Blood On Blood" and "Just Older" from Bon Jovi?!

On the whole I like the album, even if the style has been slightly changed one might not say that this is not a Meat Loaf CD. Unfortunately, the presence of too many filler forces me to rate it not too high. Getting rid of average songs like "Did You Ever Lose Somebody", "Let's Be In Love", "If It Rains" and "Song Of Madness" and including the beautiful "Prize Fight Lover", the album would have gained fluency.
I report, in the end, that from the website it is possible to download for free the bonus track "Prize Fight Lover" and the chapters from the story behind the concept.



  • Meat Loaf – vocals
  • guitars – Paul Crook, Tim Pierce, Randy Flowers, Justin Hawkins, James Michael, Rick Brantley, Rob Cavallo
  • keyboards – Jamie Muhobreac
  • bass – Chris Chaney, Kasim Sulton
  • vocals – Randy Flowers, Patti Russo, Kasim Sulton, Justin Hawkins, James Michael, Rick Brantley, Carmen Carter, CC Coletti, Georgia Haege, Aly Michalka, AJ Michalka, Jack Black, Jake Scherer, Marcus Blake, Jim Wilson, Eric Dover, Jaime Neely, Julian Raymond, Eric Skodus



  • 01. Peace On Earth   (R. Brantley) 6:38
  • 02. Living On The Outside   (R. Brantley) 5:03
  • 03. Los Angeloser   (J. Michael) 4:09
  • 04. If I Can't Have You – ft. Kara DioGuardi & Hugh Laurie   (K. DioGuardi, R. Maida, P. Freeman) 5:00
  • 05. Love Is Not Real/Next Time You Stab Me In The Back – ft. Brian May & Steve Vai   (J. Hawkins, E. Nally, Meat Loaf, R. Cavallo) 7:33
  • 06. Like A Rose – ft. Jack Black   (K. Kadish, J. Scherer) 3:16
  • 07. Song Of Madness – ft. Steve Vai   (R. Brantley, Meat Loaf, J. Muhoberac) 5:31
  • 08. Did You Ever Lose Somebody   (M. Malamet, L. Vidal) 4:01
  • 09. California Isn't Big Enough (Hey There Girl)   (J. Hawkins, E. Nally) 4:43
  • 10. Running Away From Me   (J. Foreman) 3:54
  • 11. Let's Be In Love – ft. Patti Russo   (G. Becker, J.P. White, M. Wollo) 5:11
  • 12. If It Rains   (J. Johnston, N. Mason) 3:56
  • 13. Elvis In Vegas (J. Bon Jovi, D. Child, B. Falcon) 6:01



  • Bat Out Of Hell (1977 Cleveland International)
  • Dead Ringer (1981 Epic)
  • Midnight At The Lost And Found (1983 Epic)
  • Bad Attitude (1984 Arista)
  • Blind Before I Stop (1986 Arista)
  • Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell (1993 MCA/Virgin)
  • Welcome To The Neighborhood (1995 MCA/Virgin)
  • Couldn't Have Said It Better (2003 Polydor)
  • Bat Out Of Hell: Live With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (2004 Mercury)
  • Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose (2006 Virgin)
  • Hang Cool Teddy Bear (2010 Mercury)


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