LARKIN POE: From KIN to RESKINNED Thursday, 21 April 2016 22:35 by madseason
Larkin Poe - Don't

Larkin Poe is a roots rock band from Atlanta, GA, fronted by sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell. "Larkin Poe" was the name of their great-great-great-grandfather, who was a distant cousin of Edgar Allan Poe.

Larkin Poe've just released Reskinned, a fresh version of the original album KIN from two years ago, relaunched with 5 new tracks conveying the heavier more rock side of these American Sisters. The LP also has three new mixes of "old" favorites Stubborn Love, Don't and Crown Of Fire.

Reskinned dropped last week via RH Music, the music division of San Francisco-based company Restoration Hardware, under exclusive license to Vertigo/Capitol Universal, with production handled by Chris Seefried, Damien Lewis, Justin Warfield and Wax LTD.

Reskinned is, basically, a catchy and raw straight-up rock album, with great hooks, soulful vocals, southern harmonies, heavy electric guitar riffs and a rich and varied musicianship. I'm sure this jewel will be ranked among the best rock album of the year.

Watch Rebecca and Lovell playing their latest single Trouble In Mind live at Conan a few days ago and, while you're there, watch the video for the new version of Don't clicking on the image. Then, do yourself a big favor and stream the whole Reskinned album on Spotify. A mandatory listening.