Primal Static

Primal Static, from Austin, TX, are two talented, lifelong musicians, G.T., singer/guitarist and HouFei, keyboardist/bassist.

Born and raised in China, HouFei was pursuing a doctoral degree in piano at the world-renowned Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore when she met self-taught musician and wild child, G.T. HouFei recalls that G.T. was a furious wild fire that sparked life and music for her. When she called his voicemail for the first time, she was met with a heart-wrenching guitar solo and time stood still. The pair has worked together since to create the honest and organic sound that is Primal Static.

Primal Static's latest project is titled Panstylistic and was released last Friday, January 27. Produced by G.T. at the Cat House in Austin and mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, The Black Keys), it's a captivating EP that captures all of the components heard in alternative rock, yet is mixed with an eclectic and hypnotic rock sound and the soul found in blues.

Panstylistic is available on iTunesSpotify or SoundCloud, so go check it now.