Get to know AVIATORS' Dystopian Fiction Monday, 11 September 2017 16:41 by madseason
Aviators - Dystopian Fiction

Independent one-man band Aviators released a new album last month.

Titled Dystopian Fiction, it's the last in its trilogy and tells the story of the beginning of the apocalypse: before Stargazers and the revolution of Building Better Worlds, the war-torn wasteland held one last great city, ruled by gods among men. These half-machine leaders showed contempt for those beneath them, so a plan to usurp their power began.

Themes present on the album include false idolization, fractured reality and the realm of dreams. Fading Light, Here Come The Ravens, and other songs on the album borrow themes and stories from pop culture video games and TV shows. 

If you're already a fan of Aviators or are interested in greatly written alternative melodic rock and retrowave/synthpop tracks, check Dystopian Fiction out now.