GREEK FIRE: Lost and Found Saturday, 14 June 2014 16:43 by madseason
Greek Fire - Top Of The World

At the very end of last year I told you about Greek Fire, a promising band from St. Louis, Missouri, formed in 2008 by members of Story Of The Year and Maybe Today. The group was about to release their sophomore album as two separate EPs entitled "Lost / Found".

Well, the first EP, "Lost", financed by a successfull PledgeMusic campaign and produced with the help of such luminaries as John Feldmann, Matt Amelung and Elvis Baskette, was finally released last May 13. Watch the official music video for the first single "Top Of The World" clicking on the image above.

As already said, if stadium-ready alternative rock merged with progressive pop rock and a touch of post-hardcore is your cup of tea, then Greek Fire is a band to follow.