GREEK FIRE: Broken Friday, 12 July 2019 21:45 by madseason
Greek Fire - I Do

BROKEN is the title of the brand new album from St. Louis, Missouri, Alternative Rock band Greek Fire. It's released today, July 12, via WITHYN Records, after quite some troubles, due to, the site that Greek Fire did their album pre-order with, suspended operations.

"PledgeMusic failures... when they went down caught us all off guard and by surprise. Artists And Fans alike got really screwed. It took a lot of money, time and effort from us that we can't get back. BUT, getting our music to you was and is the most important thing. That being said; as soon as that happened we put our nose to the grindstone to make a way to get you new music as fast as possible. So here it is" said the band, adding "BROKEN is for anyone who has been crushed. It's for everyone that has truly been to the bottom. This is a record for the broken-hearted. For anyone that has been to the deepest valleys of pain all the while knowing that you can AND WILL climb to an even higher mountain than before. BROKEN is so special to us. We are BROKEN as we mourn the loss of our dear friend, producer and engineer Matthew Amelung. He has been truly instrumental in everything Greek Fire and we miss him more than words can describe."

BROKEN is an totally awesome album of modern alternative rock, full of energy, hooks and attitude: stream it now on Spotify and watch the video for the new single I Do clicking on the image.