The smallest Creature - Copenhagen (lyric)

It's always a pleasure featuring bands from unusual places, at least when it comes to rock music.
The smallest Creature is an alternative rock trio from Cyprus. It's the brainchild of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Stefanos Marnerides, joined in this musical adventure by long time friends Stephanos Nicolaou on bass and Iacovos Stylianides on drums.

After several live shows The smallest Creature started writing and recording a number of original songs to be featured on an upcoming full album. A couple of these songs have been just released as singles: I'm talking of Reboot and Copenhagen.

Both tracks shows the ability of the band to craft intelligent yet enjoyable rock songs: a mesmerizing, fascinating sound with captivating melodies that suggests a comparison with the more accessible tracks of Radiohead and (very) early-days Coldplay. You can find the video for Reboot here, while, to check the lyric video for Copenhagen, please click on the image above.

The smallest Creature are a nice and more than welcome surprise and I cant't wait to hear more music from these three talented Cypriots.