FICTIONIST release new EP Sleep Machine giovedì, 18 maggio 2017 21:24 by madseason
Fictionist - Sleep Machine

Salt Lake City, Utah, art-rock band Fictionist have just released a brand new EP titled Sleep Machine via Harbour Records, along with a 20-minute music video.

For their latest work, Fictionist adopted a new mindset of letting go of the worries they often have as artists and simply enjoying the process of making a record.

The result is a collection of emotional, inventive sounds and innovated songs. The band veered left of center for Sleep Machine by using antique gear, a karaoke machine and even the recording of guitarist Brandon Kitterman sleeping on the front lawn of their house on the song You.

If artsy indie-pop with synthesizers and dance beats and bands like MGMT, The Moth & The Flame, Phoenix or Passion Pit are your cup of tea, stream and download Sleep Machine here.