ERIC SLEEPER: K is for Karma Friday, 9 June 2023 18:57 by madseason
Eric Sleeper - K is for Karma

Seasoned singer-songwriter Eric Sleeper has released his newest single, K is for Karma. With honest, cutting lyrics and a stripped-down acoustic guitar, Sleeper explores the nuanced concept of karma. Upon discussing his inspiration for K is for Karma, Sleeper says, "This song is about understanding when you are getting taken advantage of or used and the toll it can take on you."

K is for Karma is now available for streaming or download worldwide.

Introspective and charged with a captivating rhythm, K is for Karma immediately draws listeners in with its poignant exploration of working through the experience of being wronged. By incorporating elements of indie, folk, and acoustic rock, Sleeper possesses a unique sound that enthralls listeners. "The song plays on the idea of karma, questioning if it exists for those who spend their energy putting you and others down," explains Sleeper. He expresses this in his lyric, "So what's it cost you to get under my skin, because I lost it all." While revealing the all-too-human desire for a person to receive karmic consequences for their hurtful actions, he also relays that "sometimes you need to take a step back, acknowledge it, and walk away from that person." Sleeper's innate ability to articulate his own life experiences in a way that resonates with his audience is evident in K is for Karma, making the song particularly impactful. For a gratifying conclusion to the narrative, the track ends with a final chorus that boasts the inclusion of drums and an electric guitar-driven melody. K is for Karma leaves its listeners with a feeling of empowerment and understanding, motivating them to take charge of their own stories in moments of vulnerability and ill-treatment.

A native of New York and currently living the bridge and tunnel life in New Jersey, Eric Sleeper embarked on his musical journey at the age of 14. Starting with the guitar, he soon delved into songwriting and discovered his innate talent for conveying his thoughts and emotions through the power of lyrics. Drawing inspiration from renowned artists such as Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith, and Nirvana, Sleeper developed his minimalist approach to songwriting. Upon learning to play the MIDI keyboard, he became remarkably in tune with his creativity and self-expression within his music. By broadening his music knowledge, Eric Sleeper could explore and experiment with his sound, both vocally and instrumentally. Ultimately, with his proficiency in multiple musical disciplines, Sleeper has proven himself to be a well-rounded and accomplished musician. K is for Karma is the follow-up to his singles Son of a Gun and Dragons, which earned esteemed praise from New Scene Magazine, Jammerzine, V13, Vents Magazine, and more. Fans can anticipate exciting things to come from Eric Sleeper, as he is currently working on his debut album.