Chit Chatting about the BEACH WEATHER Monday, 14 November 2016 21:45 by madseason
Beach Weather - Chit Chat

Chit Chat is the title of American trio Beach Weather's second EP, released last November 4 on LAB Records.

The follow up to last year's What A Drag was produced by Alex and Sean Silverman and features 6 brand new tracks, including the singles Someone's Disaster and Chit Chat (watch the video for the latter clicking on the image). 

The creation of Chit Chat saw a different approach from the band's first EP. This time around, the band was in and out of the studio over the course of the last year, slowly adding bits and pieces of music. As a result, the sound of the final product encapsulates the natural growth and progression of the band.

Chit Chat is an awesome EP where today's indie pop rock mixes the psychedelic powerpop of the 60's and the synthpop of the 80's. All the 6 songs are extremely catchy and brilliantly delivered by vocalist/guitarist Nick Santino (ex-A Rocket To The Moon) and his mates Austin Scates (drums) and Reeve Powers (bass).

Stream Chit Chat on Spotify now and discover your new favorite indie-pop band.