Bad-ass new album for MODERN SPACE Friday, 19 October 2018 21:18 by madseason
Modern Space - Flip For It

Flip For It is the title of the new album from Newmarket, Ontario, infectious indie pop band Modern Space.
Released last September 14 on WEA, it immediately marks a great leap forward from the tenderfoot songs they laid out on 2016's Before Sunrise. Channelling influences such as The Vaccines and The Strokes – whose song The Modern Age inspired the first half of the band's name – Modern Space have returned with a new album that beams with a newfound assuredness.

Each and every one of the cuts feels ready for heavy A-list rotation – from A Small Pocket, a song the Strokes will wish they'd written a decade ago, to the soon-to-be massive sing-along anthem that is Just Quit, to the sleek, Motown throwback of the title track, Flip For It is a case of all killer, no filler.

For frontman Sean Graham, however, this move forward has all been the result of him reaching a new level of maturity. "The biggest difference is that I've grown up in that time [between records]," he explains. "I got to travel, so a lot of it was written outside of Toronto. I was still young when we made Before Sunrise. I was only 21 when I wrote it. Now I'm 25. This record is more just about drinking, meeting people, being outrageous and having fun. It's faster. It's louder. It's a bit more bad-ass."

And it's a joy to listen to: buy/stream at all the major outlets out there and watch the video for the title-track clicking on the image.