BIRDS OF TOKYO: with us anywhere Sunday, 27 September 2015 15:00 by madseason
Birds Of Tokyo - I'd Go With You Anywhere

One of my favourite bands from down-under, alternative pop-rockers Birds Of Tokyo have just released a new single titled I'd Go With You Anywhere.

The words of the band: "This song has been swirling around for a little bit now and we needed time for it to find it's voice. So what you hear is where it landed! In our ever searching and exploring creative world, it's nice to be gifted little moments like this one that all of us feel really proud of. It's a really personal and kind of spiritual ode to wonderment and the excitement and fear that usually saddles alongside the unknown. It's a journey and so we hope you find yourselves with us on this."

I'd Go With You Anywhere is an uplifting, blissful song that you can listen to clicking on the image. A video will be out soon for this as well, so stay tuned.